With the eyes of imagination, we already see ourselves in the sunshine, dressed only in natural materials. Fashion is fashion, but we all know here that beautiful polyester cannot match even the most ordinary cotton. Meanwhile, Louise Misha perfectly combines style, fashion and quality of clothes. We invite you to a short review of the brand's upcoming collection for spring and summer 2023!

The founder Louise Misha does not look for savings in creating brand clothes, which can be seen in every, even the simplest blouse or dress. We will not find worse material or poor sewing, because a luxury brand is recognized not only by prices, but above all by the quality of products.

Louise Misha is one of the most interesting clothing brands in the world. Since its inception, i.e. since 2012, it has been faithful to itself. It resists changing trends and does not compromise quality. Because Louise Misha is a brand with a soul! In the latest women's collection for the spring-summer season in 2023, the classics you love are back. Silk dresses with floral patterns delight. And how comfortable they are!

Dresses and blouses for the upcoming warm season refer to the style of Indian culture. There are also African accents. It is the knowledge of other cultures that makes the brand's designs so unique and at the same time so perfectly suited to the requirements of the European market. In the latest drop, Louise Misha also offers women's skirts made of tencel (also known as lyocell). It is a very good fabric, durable and resistant to creases, which is made of natural cellulose fibres. Lyocell clothes will last for years in an unchanged form - they do not stretch and do not lose their shape.

For spring and summer, Louise Misha also offers delightful vintage blouses made of high-quality cotton, which can be combined with timeless denim shorts, also available in the latest clothing line of the French brand.

In the upcoming spring-summer season, children's clothing trends focus on floral motifs, which are abundant in the Louise Misha spring/summer 2023 clothing line. Here we will find dresses of the highest quality, referring to styles and colors used in India. The leitmotif of the collection is freedom and it is perfectly visible in loose, comfortable cuts of clothes for boys, girls and for mothers.

The collection of clothes for girls impresses with fabric patterns, especially in the case of summer jumpsuits. Louise Misha perfectly combines modernity with vintage style! The collection also includes fashionable, pastel tops with charming decorations in the form of frills and lace. And for cooler days, universal knitted sweaters.

The collection for boys also includes beautiful knitted sweaters, as well as loose T-shirts and cute shirts that combine elegance with nonchalance. For the summer, the brand offers colorful swimming trunks and super comfortable overalls that can be combined with other items of clothing, depending on the weather.

It is worth noting that the Louise Misha swimwear collection for children is sewn in such a way as to protect delicate children's skin from the sun. This is a great option, especially for long sunbathing.

The creator of beautiful women's and children's clothing - Louise Misha - does not compromise. It is a truly exclusive brand where every employee, like the owner of the company herself, takes care of the smallest details. From design, through sewing clothes to their sale. Louise Misha's designs will not be found on popular sales platforms, because Marie Pidancet chooses only trustworthy themed stores. This fascinating woman has created something truly unique, and it's no wonder that she wants buyers to receive not only the product, but also a whole range of positive experiences.

As for the style of clothes from the latest Louise Misha collection, it is faithful to the brand. We are still dealing with the kingdom of the best fabrics decorated with unique patterns. And although Louise Misha does not shy away from colors, they are subdued and far from the bazaar garishness. The brand is faithful to the bohemian style for which it has been appreciated.

Two factors: the type of material and its cut create a luxurious and timeless effect. This year, for example, fishnet dresses were very fashionable, but is it a trend that will last for years? It didn't even last weeks! It is completely different with refined and, above all, comfortable dresses by Louise Misha. In 10 years, they will make the same good impression and more and more people are convinced that only such clothes are worth investing in.

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