The latest collection of Maed For Mini children's clothes is a real richness of colors and spring joy. The Dutch brand charms with patterns and high quality. Maed For Mini offers clothes that meet parents' expectations and are eagerly worn by children. Are you ready to go back to the future with the Back To The Future series?

The idea for a children's clothing brand appeared in Rotterdam. Maerle and Edward - a young couple with 2 children, quickly moved their passion to Amsterdam, where the Maed For Mini brand began to flourish.

The brand's clothes are created in a sustainable way, and young parents put their whole heart into projects dedicated to children from infancy to the age of 10. Unlike other brands, Maed For Mini bases its collections on playing with colors. Maerle and Edward's clothes are devoid of characteristic patterns and motifs, but they charm with original stitching, fringes on the sleeves and a fantastic cut.

Although the designers of Maed For Mini do not use typical children's patterns and motifs, every type of brand clothes, from T-shirts to sweatshirts and sweaters, is the essence of childhood! Bright colors, perfectly matched, juicy and joyful, adorn long girls' dresses, tiny baby bodysuits, as well as stylish sweatshirts for boys.

Best of all, Maed For Mini garments are of unbeatable quality. Wool, cashmere, organic cotton and viscose are the bases from which all the brand's great clothes are made. Natural materials will provide children with comfort and thermal comfort. And airy clothes are the key to satisfaction during cool spring and hot summer! The Back To The Future Spring / Summer 2022 collection will certainly not disappoint you!

Our lovely little ones are growing fast, which is why children's wardrobe changes at the speed of light. Experienced parents advise not to buy many clothes for your children, as you will have to buy new ones in a moment.

We recommend going a step further. If you shop in our store, you certainly pay attention to the quality and composition of the clothes you buy. T-shirts, blouses, sweaters and other items of children's clothing from the Maed For Mini brand are not thin pieces of poorly sewn material. These are clothes that will easily survive several generations of children. Thicker organic cotton, soft cashmere and timeless design make the clothes of the Dutch brand easy to sell or give to loved ones. Thanks to this, we do not waste resources, create additional waste, and at the same time provide our children with the best. This is the most important thing!

The Back To The Future collection is one of the most extensive. Here you will find fantastic blouses, sweaters and tracksuits for spring, as well as swimwear and scarves perfect for the summer. Maed For Mini is a collection of clothes necessary to compose a practical, fashionable and comfortable children's wardrobe for spring and summer.

Parents of babies will also find something for their children. Crawling toddlers can explore the world in comfortable, cotton bodysuits and insanely cute T-shirts with frills or soft collars. Maed For Mini will emphasize joy and a bright view of the world in every child!

Children's swimwear, scarves and baseball caps are the basis for summer holidays. Whether it's a swimming pool on the plot or an atmospheric sea, what counts is adequate protection against the sun and comfort while splashing in the cool waves.

Swimwear for boys and girls has delicate, bright patterns and protects little bodies from the sun's rays. All you need is a sunscreen on the legs and arms for children to enjoy their time on the beach safely, of course under parental supervision.

Maed For Mini also offers colorful caps and hats that will be a real hit of the season. Children love accessories that in practice protect their delicate heads from the sun, and at the same time act as a fantastic accessory that the little ones are simply proud of.

It is also worth mentioning the cardigans, which have a fashionable oversize cut. Their advantage is not only a fantastic cut, but also the possibility of buying a larger size that will always look good on a child's silhouette. A larger size of a sweater or sweatshirt from the Back To The Future collection will allow children to enjoy their favorite clothes for a long time!

If you are looking for great accessories and clothes that your children will really like, the Maed For Mini collection will surely appeal to you. The upcoming spring and summer season will be joyful and full of colors!

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