Birthday gadgets, decorations and colorful costumes are accessories without which a successful party for children cannot do. In just a few days, there will be a great opportunity to have fun, namely Halloween. On this occasion, we would like to present you an extremely colorful brand that designs original and unique party accessories for children. Will Meri Meri delight you as much as the Miss Lemonade crew? Check it out!

The Meri Meri brand had its origins in the 1980s. Behind the real empire of fun is an extremely creative figure - Meredithe Stuart-Smith, who has always believed that imagination gives freedom to man. The aspiring businesswoman loves the process of turning ideas into reality, and this extraordinary enthusiasm soon began to pay off. In 1985, Meredithe sold her first pack of glitter greeting cards and this motivated her to continue growing. The creative woman's budding business began in her Los Angeles home. Over time, the company moved to the UK, where Meri Meri is now headquartered. Today, the brand is known in 69 countries, including Poland.

Meri Meri's live offer presents popular, themed birthday parties for children. The brand creates everything necessary to create an original birthday arrangement that will turn any interior or garden into a colorful, carefree land. And although decorations or colorful gadgets are mainly associated with birthdays, Meri Meri's items are perfect for various occasions. Thanks to this, they are not disposable products, but those that will stay with the household members for many years, like Christmas decorations.

It can be said that the founder of the brand Meri Meri never "grew" out of a child's imagination. While many adults have succumbed to the rules of adulthood without pretensions, Meredithe nurtured her creativity. This made the colorful birthday gadgets from Meri Meri's offer quickly appealed to parents who organize joyful parties for their children. And despite the fact that more than 30 years have passed since the beginning of the brand's existence, Meri Meri accessories are still just as popular and luxurious. The founder of the brand makes every effort to ensure that Meri Meri's gadgets, decorations and costumes present not only the best design, but also great quality.

We wrote about the best Halloween costumes for kids some time ago. If you haven't picked up your Halloween ball costumes for your kids yet, you might like Meri Meri's Halloween costumes. The designs perfectly combine popular motifs with an original cut. Thanks to this, a classic witch costume or a delicate princess costume will charm even those girls who appreciate originality. Costumes for children from Meri Meri are unique and beautifully sewn. You can see the decent workmanship and timelessness of the brand's costumes from afar.

The bestsellers include not only the perfect Halloween costume for a girl, such as a mermaid costume or a star costume, but also fantastic Christmas costumes. The Christmas tree costume will add splendor to family holidays and make the photos for the souvenir album absolutely unique! Meri Meri creates accessories for all lovers of celebrating life and all enthusiasts of fun.

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