Mrs. posters Mighetto - a dot over and in your child's room

Today we will talk a bit about interior design, more specifically children's rooms. Should the space for a child be specially designed? What to do to make the interior pleasing to children and not dazzle the eyes of adults at the same time? You will find practical tips in the text, and you will also see unique Mrs. Mighetto. We warn you! They are very charming!

Recently, thanks to native celebrities, the style inspired by life in Bali is very fashionable. On the other hand, vintage interiors are back in fashion. Flashy, kitschy furniture and accessories are less popular when it comes to decorating rooms at home. This has its advantages - being in a child's room will not give you nystagmus and headaches. What's more, a fast-growing toddler will also appreciate a more universal interior. After all, a frisky little boy quickly turns into a brave elementary school student, and then into a teenager. If you arrange your child's room wisely, you will save yourself frequent major renovations.

The above-mentioned balanced style is presented by Mrs. Mighetto. Perfect for a child's room and more. For example, the eye-catching Miss Edith Papilion poster is perfect for an adult bedroom. We honestly admit that it is mesmerizing and we feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland who went through the mirror to the side of good style. The same goes for the series of Mrs. Mighetto Lady. But enough of these delights, we are arranging children's rooms!

Regardless of whether you are arranging a room for a boy or a girl, create a safe space in which the toddler will feel comfortable. Growing up children should have a lot of stimuli around them, because it stimulates the brain to develop. Therefore, instead of maddening pink paint on the wall, we recommend accents that will attract the little explorer's attention. We surround children with toys and stuffed animals for a reason, and children's accessories have nice accents in the form of animals on bedding or clothes. All this encourages the toddler to explore the world.

Mysterious, beautiful and eye-catching Mrs. Mighetto perfectly fit into the trends and excellently stimulate the child's imagination. Poster characters can accompany children over the years and improve their mood. This was the assumption behind the founders of the Mrs. Mighetto. Hand-painted, watercolor paintings first appeared on sale in 2014 in Sweden, where the brand comes from. The Superheroes collection sold out completely in less than 2 weeks. Since then, Mrs. Mighetto is present in over 20 countries and Miss Lemonade is one of 150 stores that offer the brand's products.

It is also worth mentioning that the Mrs. Mighetto supports sustainable business. The founders of Malin and Anna ensure that their activities have a negligible impact on the environment, and that the products are durable and safe for recipients. We are glad that young brands approach production responsibly. After all, the future belongs to our children!

Brand Mrs. Mighetto, unusual for manufacturers of children's accessories, seems to be resistant to boys and girls growing up. Charming posters are suitable for a toddler, and teenagers will look at them with sentiment. No matter how the decor of the room changes, Mrs. Mighetto will still fit. The collection also includes beautiful birthday cards and gift cards that will be appreciated by every lover of good style.

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