Every moment is a good time to talk a little bit about ecology! Even if life in the zero waste style is not in the circle of your interests, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of eco brands. Why? Because they have great quality products! Today we will talk about pencil cases and backpacks, i.e. essentials in the equipment of every student. Moreover, they will be ecological accessories!

Meanwhile, let's explain what ecology really is, not by definition, but in real terms. Malicious people say that lovers of ecology should move to the forest and live in a hut, because nothing is ecological. On the other hand, the Earth could cope with our coal-fired apartments and even cars, but it cannot cope with the industry. Therefore, it is only by changing our lifestyle that we have a chance to force real changes on the owners of factories and industrial farms. Because if we don't buy their products, they won't earn anything! And yet someone who destroys the planet, exploits people and animals, only depends on money.

So you don't have to give up your lifestyle to do your part in building a better world for our children. Buy less and better not throw away food, try to make maximum use of all items, including paper bags, that are not organic in themselves. Their only plus is that they decompose. To eliminate the carbon footprint of a paper bag, you need to use it four times. It is such a curiosity. You do not have to throw out all plastic things from your home, you do not have to completely give up shopping in chain stores. Just try to keep your possessions good for you or someone else for as long as possible, and end up in the trash as late as possible.

In turn, sustainable production is the creation of new things in such a way as to leave the smallest possible trace in the environment. The hallmark of sustainable creation is, for example, producing locally, using natural materials, releasing smaller amounts of goods to the market, and of course paying normal people money for their efforts. Unfortunately, all of this makes sustainable stores quite expensive, which was once not unusual. However, when fast fashion companies entered the market, earning their living from slave labor for children and adults, we got access to cheap, poor-quality clothes. For the first time people could have a lot of something, so they ignored the shortcomings of the new system in the form of plastic materials, poor quality clothes, or wasting money on items that are only suitable for the trash.

We once heard on YouTube that when a child comes home, the eco-friendly lifestyle ends. These words do not mean complaining about parenting, but accepting the fact that, as new parents, we should be understanding. Not everyone has the strength and time to make ecological diapers. It is also impossible to buy a child clothes that will stay with him for years. During this time, our child will grow four times! However, you can still live in the spirit of less waste and teach it to your children.

At Miss Lemonade, all brands are balanced. We consciously choose producers whose products are not landfilled in Bangladesh. Even if some Konges Slojd or Louise Misha garments are no longer wearable, they can be remade or reused. And over time, it will simply decompose, unlike fast fashion clothes, which, like plastic bottles, will never decompose.

In a few weeks, the children will return to school and here, too, you can try ecological solutions. Mainly because they are more profitable. Such a designer backpack Sticky Lemon is washable, and its neat workmanship means that it will not break after one season. It is worth mentioning that Sticky Lemon backpacks are made of recycled materials and in this case it is important, because the brand does not make clothes from plastic other than recycled one. Backpacks and pencil cases made of recycled materials can also boast of the Liewood brand, which creates amazing products for younger children. It is also impossible to forget about the luxurious brand Engel, whose colorful pencil cases and backpacks are a great way to emphasize the individual style of a student.

Children also grow out of styles. After some time, it may turn out that your son or daughter will start demanding new accessories for school. Then the timeless bags and backpacks of Sticky Lemon, Engel, Konges Slojd and Liewood can be sold. Thanks to this, some of the costs for buying an ecological backpack will pay off, and at the same time you will reduce your impact on littering the planet. This is the essence of ecology - we try to ensure that all manufactured items remain in circulation as long as possible.

Zero and less waste people have always existed, also in the age of consumerism. However, only now can an ecological lifestyle be called a trend. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary - more people learn about the dangers of excessive consumerism. And yet these threats concern not only our planet, but also us. Unfortunately, when something is fashionable, many people want to earn money from it. This is how Influencers are created, encouraging not to eat meat, and at the same time flying private planes to places where it would be faster to get by car. Also, brands that have absolutely nothing to do with ecology try to confuse customers. Among other things, they put plastic stickers on their packaging with the information that there is 80% less plastic in this bottle / container! So what if this bottle is never going to decompose anyway? Another example - a fast fashion company, which throws away millions of tons of unsold clothes every year, boasts of making some of its clothes from recycled materials. It does not matter! Lorries of clothes thrown away every day eliminate this 1% of recycled clothes.

We could list many examples of how the producers of cosmetics and clothes deceive us, but we want this text to be positive and not to bring you down. Just remember to watch out for beautiful advertisements of companies that want to earn extra money on fashionable slogans. It often turns out that a cosmetic is more expensive just because it has an eco sticker and the composition leaves much to be desired. Meanwhile, a deceived customer feels that he is buying a luxury product, effective and sustainable, and only after a period of use it turns out that neither of these assumptions was true.

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