For children, play is what work and training are for adults. Through play, children learn the world and develop their skills, thanks to which they become really smart little ones. It's amazing how much power there is in the mind of a young child. We encourage you to stimulate the development of children, and it just so happens that puzzles are perfect for this!

Experts recommend that children's rooms be full of colors, and toys available in stores sometimes even cry out for vengeance to the manufacturer, they are flashy and kitschy. However, this is the intended effect, as the richness of colors, sounds and shapes has a positive effect on the child's brain, encouraging it to work and create new nerve connections.

Nerve connections, work, how serious it all sounds! But take it easy by encouraging your child to play, you don't tire him or force him to learn new things. The baby does not feel the tremendous progress he is making each day, and this is one of the most fascinating things about childhood.

The parent's task is not so much to encourage the child's development, because in fact, the children encourage themselves, but not to limit the toddler's development. Let us not require children to be quiet and to play by themselves constantly, without disturbing the adults. Of course, everything within reason, but children need to be a little loud and curious.

Finally, let's focus on cool, inventive toys that will benefit your child. Instead of a car game on a tablet, toy cars in real life. The items available in the room and your imagination will serve as the track for the ride. Do you understand what the thing is? Puzzles are also a great way to create imagination, develop creativity and logical thinking. Old as the world. Liked by children and adults. That thrill waiting for the whole picture! There is no question of boredom.

Composing puzzles is simply interesting in the world. With advanced puzzles, you can spend hours and lose track of time completely. By arranging puzzles, the child learns patience, concentration and logical thinking. Develops independence, creativity and motor skills. She begins to understand cause and effect, and in her cute little head she creates tons of new connections of neurons, developing intelligence. Best of all, the baby has absolutely no idea what a great job he is doing! After playing, she won't even want to take a nap, while adults get tired of just looking!

Each of us has received a set of genes from our parents, and with them certain predispositions, resources and difficulties, which include, for example, genetic eye diseases. Regardless of the type of genetic gain and loss, a baby has the chance to develop in an impressive way. And to think that just having fun is enough!

Puzzle is a great type of toy that is perfect for children of all ages. Moreover, the puzzles are well priced and the selection in the market is absolutely powerful. Chances are that if your son is a fan of space monkeys flying inside the ocean, he will find just such a puzzle for himself. There is no place for boredom and clichéd patterns in the fun world!

Recently, at Miss Lemonade, we expanded our collection of toys for children. We ordered a lot of puzzles from all over the world and our eyes shine on all these stories closed in colorful boxes. Our children also loved them, especially those who combine puzzles with interesting facts, for example about planets or dinosaurs. Somehow, kids love dinosaurs.

A great example of interesting puzzles for older children are the 200-piece Londja puzzle, depicting just dinosaurs. The puzzle comes with 2 magnifying glasses that completely change the picture of the puzzle. These are not puzzles, this is an amazing adventure for little explorers! Puzzle pieces in the form of stickers hide similar surprises. All kids love stickers!

With the help of puzzles, children can discover interesting stories, explore different corners of the world, such as medieval Rome, and arrange pictures of something they know and love. For example animals, princesses or fairies. The Djeco brand also has fantastic puzzles for children with an artistic flair. The manufacturer has created versions for young and old girls and boys. Our hearts have been stolen by puzzles in which the child's task is to connect mother-animals with baby-animals.

We recommend wooden puzzles for very young children, because such puzzles can not only be arranged, but also chew at will, which, as we know, is also an element of toddler's development.

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