Do you want to feel the breath of spring in the middle of December? Check out the novelties prepared by the Repose AMS brand for the spring-summer 2023 season. Immerse yourself in relaxing colors inspired by nature and feel the energy of fresh, sunny days for which we have to wait a little longer!

Parents of discerning toddlers and kids entering their teens will appreciate the latest Repose AMS Nine to Five clothing collection. The brand creates clothes for children up to 14 years of age, offering extremely refined cuts that effectively resist passing fashion. Repose AMS allows you to be fashionable while making fun of fashion. Just in time to emphasize your own individuality, and at the same time match the current trends in style.

The spring-summer collection of Repose AMS promises to be interesting and makes us long for the first warm rays of the sun in April and May. Looking at the clothes from the Nine to Five collection, one has the impression that they are gently sun-kissed, and the light blue color that appears in T-shirts and shorts, among others, is associated with a gentle spring breeze. Makes me want to go jogging! However, before the weather actually encourages you to leave the house, all we have to do is dream and enjoy the airy Repose AMS sweaters, heralding the arrival of spring.

Repose AMS children's clothes are not flashy, and subdued colors, especially pleasant shades of green and blue, do not irritate the eyes. Spring and summer clothes from Repose AMS are fresh, cheerful and versatile. The selection of colors and styles makes all the clothes of the brand's girls' and boys' collections perfectly match each other. What's more, they also match the clothes that every child has in their wardrobe.

Repose AMS children's clothing is not only pretty clothes for girls and boys. Style and colors are not everything. What matters is also, and perhaps above all, wearing comfort and durability. After all, we are talking about a niche and sustainable brand. Quality is therefore an essential part of the Dutch brand's designs.

The vast majority of Repose AMS clothes are made of organic cotton. The owner of the brand places great emphasis on the fact that sewing rooms use only certified cotton. Breathable material gives clothes quality and beautiful look. But this is not the end of interesting solutions. Some clothes from the latest collection, such as tops and skirts, feature a unique material - cupro. It is an artificially produced fabric, but made of natural material, i.e. cotton seeds. Thus, Cupro has the characteristics of natural materials, and due to its unique appearance and softness, it is referred to as artificial silk. In fact, it combines the features of silk and cotton. It's a fantastic material, still rarely found in fast fashion stores.

Repose AMS also focuses on recycling. Some items of clothing, such as rain jackets or swimwear, must have polyester in them. The brand obtains most of its artificial materials from recycling.

It is also worth mentioning about sewing, because the way of sewing is also important. You can do it right or wrong. Repose AMS uses ethical sewing factories located in Portugal. A small part of the products is made in China, but in decent factories, which is immediately visible in the quality of the clothes. A big plus is that the Repose AMS brand is transparent when it comes to the production of clothes, thanks to which we are 100% sure that we are dealing with a sustainable brand.

The creator of the Repose AMS brand is a Dutch woman who spent hours designing clothes for her paper dolls as a child. Such games were also popular in Poland, so probably many of you understand how absorbing this game is. The future designer knew as a child that she couldn't just grow out of this passion. And she kept her promise. As she admits, designing children's clothes gives her the same joy as it used to be fun.

Repose AMS children's clothing first appeared on the market in 2014. It is a young, niche brand that combines a child's view of the world with responsibility typical of adulthood. As we mentioned earlier, the brand operates in a sustainable way, trying to have a minimal impact on the environment. Repose AMS is constantly working to reduce its carbon footprint. We can read about the activities in this area on the official website of the brand.

The new spring-summer Repose AMS SS 2023 collection will be available at the end of December. In the meantime, we encourage you to browse the current and previous Repose AMS collection. Timeless cuts of children's clothes will never go out of fashion!

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