Holiday carefree is rather alien to parents, but the summer months undoubtedly have their charm and it is difficult to part with them in favor of autumn and winter. However, time is like a hare and is running out, so parents have the last days to complete the school starter kit for their child. What should a complete school kit 2022 consist of? We advise!

The school starter kit in primary school looks the same every year, sometimes we have to buy something extra, and sometimes we can give up something. In the case of secondary school students, there is no problem at all, as teenagers scrupulously demand the necessary accessories: school and out-of-school. Parents of teenagers are therefore free from the obligation to learn about the necessary school accessories. Meanwhile, parents of primary school students should carefully review the list of school subjects. In the 2022 school year, quite significant changes will come into force, including a new subject: history and the present. Now to the point. What should a complete school starter kit contain?

  • Backpack and shoe bag, possibly also a gym bag.

  • The number of notebooks in accordance with the number of items (remember that primary school requires mainly lined notebooks, not the other way around).

  • A pencil case with at least 2 pencils, 2 pens, a sharpener, an eraser, glue, crayons, markers, possibly pens and a pen.

  • Math set: ruler, set square, compass, protractor.

  • Two or 3 paper folders with an elastic band, plus one more solid in a hardcover.

  • Art supplies: white and color technical block, white and color drawing block, poster paints, brushes, pastels (dry!), Tissue paper, plasticine and readiness for additional purchases during the school year.

  • Comfortable school shoes, exercise clothes.

  • Decorative timetable and stickers for notebooks, which is actually not necessary, but will surely appeal to your child.

The first year of primary school education is always an exceptional time for a child, even if he or she has years spent in nursery and kindergarten. School is something new, a completely different chapter and kids are always very excited about it. Ah, let us feel the same when getting up to work! In any case, it is worth making sure that the child does not quickly lose this valuable enthusiasm that allows him to meet the challenges of the school. Note that toddlers absorb enormous amounts of knowledge, and they also have to face social challenges. Building your child's confidence and encouraging them to take on challenges will certainly be useful in life. After all, we face many similar challenges in adulthood.

What we consider necessary in the school starter kit (apart from enthusiasm) is a solid backpack.

It is worth investing in a good backpack, because this type of gadget is exposed to heavy use. And school textbooks weigh their own. When completing the equipment of a backpack, you do not have to think so much, although it is worth paying attention to what you buy. Cheap school accessories can be toxic, but not all of them, of course. Miss Lemonade's offer includes a lot of crayons, erasers, pencils and markers, which are so beautiful that they seem almost magical. And, by the way, they are safe for health. We encourage you to take a look at the OOLY brand, which has in its collection, among others, fantastic fountain pens with replaceable refills. OOLY also has sticky notes and colorful notebooks, perfect for first graders to write down or draw their most important tasks.

What is very important, in the first year of education, it is especially worth taking care of comfortable footwear for the child. In kindergarten, toddlers often run around barefoot comfortably, and at school there is no such comfort anymore. Perhaps you and your children will like the cotton, colorful Bensimon sneakers. Exercise attire is just as important as shoes. We focus only on cotton T-shirts, tracksuits and shorts. In September and October, children quite often go outside for classes, so it is worth taking care of comfortable and warmer clothes, such as sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Primary schools try to teach children to order, therefore they require activities that seem unnecessary to busy adults. This includes wrapping notebooks and careful signing of all textbooks. We need to understand this and prepare for the fact that the child will ask for additional accessories for art or technical classes from time to time. There are jokes online about how on Sunday at 22:00 children inform their parents about the accessories needed for art classes on Monday. Therefore, it is worth joining forces with another parent, exchanging numbers on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, just to remind each other about parent meetings, trips, rebounds, etc.

If you want to speed up your school shopping a bit, browse the products in online stores and bookmark the products that you think are decent and that you can buy. Then ask your student to choose the ones he likes from this limited number of products. The amount of products in online stores can tire children and make it difficult for them to choose, and parents usually know their child's tastes. However, we advise against doing school purchases yourself. It is as if an adult is forced to choose a car or clothes. Anyone would get upset, right?

The problem with shopping is that a person goes out with a dozen others, but without what was actually needed. This is how the magic of beautiful store displays and the magic of promotion work. It's hard to stay sober, and someone who has never forgotten something on their shopping list is certainly not human! In any case, before the start of the school year, parents have something to do, so it is worth organizing school purchases.

  • Instead of getting tired in shopping malls, choose online shopping.

  • Spread your school purchases in installments. For example, start with textbooks (that's the most running thing), then order stationery, and finally focus on clothes.

  • Bookmark your pages with the products you want to buy. School starter packs are often completed with the help of various stores, usually it is impossible to buy everything in one.

  • Make a list and cross out each purchased item. Thanks to this, you will not forget about anything and free up some space in your head.

School is a fun time and very demanding at the same time. And while parents experience the most severe shock and pain of separation when a child goes to nursery or kindergarten, children remember the very beginning of school the most. Schoolchildren are already aware of the challenges, they feel excited and joyful, but over time they may feel tired of the excess of school duties. So let's remember that in addition to the school starter kit, patience is also important. And if you have some time, we recommend reading professional literature or advice on building your child's confidence and assertiveness. The parent's patience and support will help the child not only at school, but also in adult life.

We wish all children a successful school year 2022/2023!

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