School layette for your toddler - comfortable school clothes

The new school year is fast approaching and everything indicates that children will again be able to participate in school life in stationary, not using a computer. On this occasion, it is worth taking a look into your toddler's wardrobe and supplement it with the necessary clothes for school. We suggest how to create a complete layette for a child for September!

Clothes for the beginning of the school year for girls and boys

Elegance is not what interests children the most. White collared shirts are not only uncomfortable but also of little interest to a child. Every self-respecting child must accentuate his outfit with some interesting accent!

Unfortunately, we are all prisoners of a certain dress code in certain situations. The beginning of the school year is the day when both teachers and students must dress elegantly. What does Miss Lemonade recommend for this big day?

If you know that your child will wear a white shirt once and never again (he will probably grow up next year), it's a bit of a pity for the money. Instead, it is worth looking for elegant cuts in bright colors that will appeal to the child more. This way, you will have an elegant piece of children's clothing to be worn. Examples of such elegant shirts can be found in the collections of brands such as Emile Et Ida or Tocoto Vintage. Especially the latter brand is full of elegant children's clothes for various occasions.

Clothes for school every day

In the case of children's clothes for school, we have a wide range of possibilities! In the first days of school, the weather will be good, thanks to which summer clothes will also prove useful. However, it is worth taking into account colder mornings, and here, Wynken or Tiny Cottons coats and jackets will work great. The cuts are quite universal, and at the same time children like them thanks to their colorful motifs.

Early fall is also the start of the season for sweatshirts and long pants. When it comes to sweatshirts, you can risk the idea that this is a favorite piece of clothing for boys. It is worth making sure that the purchased sweatshirts really like the children, because then they will be happy to wear them. Fortunately, the selection of sweatshirts, blouses and T-shirts at Miss Lemonade is huge.

Collégien children's tights

If your daughter likes dresses and wants to wear them often, it is worth taking care of comfortable tights suitable for colder days. We all know that in Poland there are few days when dresses can be worn without additional leg coverage. In turn, in early autumn there are situations when a child is simply hot in tights, but it is impossible to take them off because it will be too cold.

The solution to such situations is a good fabric - cotton that is breathable. Leather can breathe freely, which translates into greater comfort. We mentioned Collégien for a reason, because the brand offers hundreds of cotton tights and children's socks that are great for school. Comfortable, beautiful and durable!

Children's school shoes for Bensimon and Bobo Choses

We finish our September layette for school by choosing the right footwear. School shoes should appeal to the child and at the same time provide him with comfort. No wonder then that the first thought that comes to mind are sneakers. An expert in the field of sneakers is the Bensimon brand, which offers hand-made footwear for children and adults. The sneakers are made of cotton and natural rubber, which is very important for comfort.

Younger children will also be interested in Bobo Choses and Konges Slojd sneakers, because they have colorful patterns and offer interesting footwear for fall, including galoshes, which are adored by kids. You can also find galoshes and children's shoes in our store.

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