The spring and summer season is a favorite time for clothing shopping. All because warm weather encourages fashion experiments and dressing up. We can look and feel great without effort! Convenience is also an important aspect of dressing children, and it just so happens that the Soor Ploom brand has an interesting look at children's fashion.

As adults, we still remember the times when our parents dressed us in whatever was available. Sometimes these connections were cosmic, and the only proof of this are photos from family albums that we do not want to show to anyone. This, of course, was as cute as contemporary kids' fashion, but we dress our kids differently for a reason. On the Internet, jokes from the past decades are popular, when most households did not care about children's fashion. Currently, we have such a selection of beautiful clothes for boys and girls that even the least fashionable parents are able to dress their children fantastically.

Why do we remember the past years? Because the Soor Ploom brand contrasts in a fascinating way with a kind of mediocrity and randomness. Each Soor Ploom garment is luxurious and well-thought-out, ideally suited to completing a children's capsule wardrobe, i.e. one in which everything fits together.

The founders and designers of the Soor Ploom brand wanted their collections to be universal, simple (but not boring!) And with a hint of luxury. And although younger children pay less attention to the aesthetics of clothes, the comfort offered by Soor Ploom clothes will surely appeal to them!

Cotton and linen: for those who know the composition of clothes, there is no need to say anything else! Knitted Soor Ploom blouses and sweaters will surely appeal to you and your children. Delicate cotton pleasantly touches the skin, provides comfort and convenience in all weather!

Parents will surely appreciate the versatility of Soor Ploom designs. The brand's clothes can be described as basics, easy to combine with other elements of children's wardrobe. Regardless of what clothes your little daughter has, such a knitted sweater or jumpsuit from Soor Ploom will work in at least a few or even a dozen or so different styles.

The brand sews clothes for children from the age of 1. The upper limit is 12 years. Soor Ploom projects in a fanciful and subtle way combine the classics with vintage style and typically childish freedom.

Children are so cute and perfect that it is difficult not to complete their enormous wardrobe of clothes. Older generations agree that there is no point in completing a large wardrobe of clothes for children. They grow so fast! Logic is logic, but parents want to give their children the best. What's more, it is simply difficult to resist buying sweet children's clothes, also because such an opportunity does not always happen.

Soor Ploom is a brand that combines fun with fashion and common sense in a cool way. The founders of the brand look at this business from the point of view of parents and, as they admit, their own children inspire them to create new projects. According to Soor Ploom, comfort and quality also count in children's fashion. What's more, it also matters what happens to the clothes when your child grows out of them.

You don't even have to grow out of poor quality clothes, because after a few months they are usually put in the garbage. A dozen or so years ago, people hardly thought about how much rubbish an average household produces, but we already know that what we buy and how much we buy has an impact on the natural environment. The environment in which our children will live. Hence, a practical solution, and at the same time a challenge for all of us, is to ensure that things remain in circulation as long as possible.

There is still the issue of the fashion industry, which does not necessarily feel like increasing concern for people and nature, but fortunately this is also slowly changing. In the era of online shopping popularity, responsible producers are creating serious competition for fast fashion brands! At Miss Lemonade, we support such brands and you also support them with your purchases. And this principle works in every shopping area, not only in the case of children's clothes. Professionals define conscious shopping as wallet voting. It depends on us which producers will grow - responsible or exploiting nature and employees.

Soor Ploom creates clothes in such a way that children's clothes will last for many years, and can be resold or donated many times.

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