The days are slowly getting longer and in this small change we stubbornly see spring. And although it is far from warm days, at least it improves our mood, and good mood is spring in the heart. Clothing brands are also preparing for the most beautiful seasons of the year, including the Weekend House Kids brand. We invite you to a short overview of new products that will soon be available for sale!

The latest Weekend House Kids collection is the quintessence of comfort. The brand focuses on comfort and style, because as it turns out, fashionable and delightful clothes do not have to cause discomfort. Nowadays, you no longer have to choose between impeccable appearance and comfort. Tracksuits can be just as tasteful as a white shirt tucked into well-cut jeans in the past. Weekend House Kids tracksuit sets for children are a great proof of this. Selected clothes for boys and girls have strong colors - expressive, but at the same time a little subdued, thanks to which they blend well with various items of clothing. Sweatpants, sweatshirts and sets made of pleasant cotton in bright colors also look very tasteful. Pastel yellow, orange shade reminiscent of sand touched by the rays of the setting sun, warm browns and creamy whites create clothes perfect for a Sunday dinner at grandma's, a family walk or a long day at school.

The brand offers us loose sets, creating ready-made stylizations for various occasions. Colorful clothes are decorated with fashionable prints, such as stripes or checks. There are also typical children's patterns. The spring-summer collection includes, among others, T-shirts with a geometric cat motif, T-shirts decorated with a cartoon ball machine, blouses with smiley faces, dresses decorated with dice and many other cheerful motifs, created to make children happy.

The creators of Weekend House Kids perfectly understand children's need for movement and freedom, which is why both clothes for girls and boys are made of soft cotton. The clothes fit the body very well and are loose at the same time. They allow the skin to breathe, and children the freedom and sense of comfort, regardless of whether they are sitting at a school desk or implementing one of the ideas that give adults a shiver of terror.

The trend for wide trousers refers to the fashion from the 70s. Today, wide, fabric trousers are eagerly chosen by women and teenagers. Children's fashion also has interesting proposals. A green set with a colorful checkerboard pattern, consisting of a simple short-sleeved shirt and wide, long trousers, is impressive! The spring-summer Weekend House Kids collection also includes a lot of fantastic shorts, to be combined with fitted T-shirts or T-shirts that the child already has in his wardrobe. Shorts for girls and shorts for boys look equally great.

And speaking of loose clothes, it is impossible to omit stylish dresses for girls. We especially liked the longer A-shaped dresses with thin straps. On colder days, dresses of this type can be worn with tights and sweaters, and in the summer directly on the body. This is a universal wardrobe item that will work in every girl's wardrobe.

Spring and summer are not only carefree fun. Experts constantly remind us of the need to protect our skin. Sunstroke is a serious threat to people of all ages during hot summer days. In this regard, no practical fashion can do without headgear. Many stores offer fashionable hats and caps, but it is worth paying attention to their composition. A polyester hat for a hot summer? It is better to immediately wrap the child's forehead with a plastic bag. Instead, we recommend cotton headgear, which is airy and comfortable. Weekend House Kids uses certified cotton (GOTS and Oeko-Tex certificates) to sew its clothes.

Weekend House Kids is a brand from Spain. He knows about the heat like few people. The creators of the brand also want fashion to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Weekend House Kids clothes are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. No wonder that the brand is trying to ensure that future children can also live surrounded by the beautiful nature we know.

Weekend House Kids clothes for spring and summer will be available for sale before the weekend!

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