Kick off the summer season with Konges Slojd.

Everything you need for the perfect family trip!

Konges Sløjd is a Danish brand that offers high-quality products for babies and children. Founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal, the brand has quickly won the admiration of parents from all over the world with its beautiful and practical products.

Konges Sløjd offers a wide range of products for babies and children, including bedding, clothing, accessories, toys and much more. All products are made of the highest quality materials, such as organic cotton and soft merino wool, which guarantees maximum comfort for children.

The Konges Sløjd brand also offers many products for younger children, such as blankets, educational toys, cots and much more. All these products are designed with children's safety and comfort in mind, and their beautiful designs are sure to appeal to parents.

Konges Sløjd is a brand that places a strong emphasis on protecting the environment and taking care of children's health. Therefore, most of the brand's products are made from natural materials and the production process is carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

All Konges Sløjd products are made with great attention to detail and are characterised by high quality workmanship. This is why the brand is recognised by parents from all over the world, who appreciate the quality and aesthetics of Konges Sløjd products.

Swimming accessories from the Konges Slojd brand

Konges Sløjd also offers a wide range of swimming accessories for children, including swimming sleeves, waistcoats and masks.

Konges Sløjd swimming sleeves are ideal for children who are learning to swim. They are made of soft neoprene for optimal protection and comfort while learning to swim. The sleeves are available in a variety of sizes to suit your child's age and size.

Konges Sløjd swimming waistcoats are ideal for children who need extra support when swimming. The waistcoats are made of durable materials and are designed for optimal freedom of movement and safety when swimming. They are available in different colours and designs, allowing you to find the perfect model for every child.

Konges Sløjd swimming masks are a great choice for children who enjoy diving and watching the underwater world. The masks are made of soft silicone, which ensures optimum comfort and a perfect fit to the child's face. In addition, some models are equipped with a special anti-fog function, which prevents the glass from fogging up and provides excellent visibility underwater.

All Konges Sløjd swimming accessories are made of the highest quality materials and provide optimal protection and safety for children while swimming. In addition, the beautiful design of these products means that they are sure to gain the appreciation of both children and their parents.

Konges Slojd swimwear

Konges Sløjd also offers a range of beautiful and practical swimwear for children of all ages. The brand's swimwear is not only characterised by high quality workmanship and beautiful design, but also by attention to the child's safety and comfort when swimming.

Konges Sløjd swimwear is made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to water and sunlight. The brand offers both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, allowing you to tailor your choice to your individual needs and preferences.

Konges Sløjd swimming costumes are available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to find the perfect model for every child. The brand offers both classic and subdued designs as well as more colourful and playful ones, allowing you to choose a swimsuit that suits your child's individual style.

Konges Sløjd also ensures that the swimming costumes provide optimum comfort and safety when swimming. For this reason, the swimsuits are equipped with elastic bands and adjustable shoulder straps, allowing for a perfect fit to the child's figure. In addition, many models have special UV protection to provide extra protection against the sun's harmful rays.

All in all, Konges Sløjd swimwear is a selection of beautiful, durable and functional products that keep your child safe and comfortable while swimming. The brand is recognised by parents all over the world for its unique design, high quality workmanship and attention to children's needs and preferences.

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