The holiday season is fast approaching and it's high time to think about completing your holiday wardrobe. We have prepared something especially for parents with children, namely interesting beach accessories. Today it will be practically and for the holidays!

Baby accessories for the beach, contrary to appearances, are not a whim, but a set of very useful accessories, thanks to which a holiday with a toddler will be comfortable and safe. Swimming rings, canopies, cotton hats and rompers will be useful not only on vacation on the beach, but also when going to the plot or swimming pool.

A great option for a baby is, for example, a canopy pool from Konges Slojd. In turn, the best-selling brand Petite Pommes has interesting offers for older children. The latest collection includes not only cute pools, but also practical swimming sleeves. Everything is kept in a classic, timeless style.

As traveling with your baby, even if it's a trip to the grocery store for vegetables, requires taking a whole arsenal of things, we also recommend trendy beach baskets. For example, thanks to the wicker basket-bag from Bohemia Design, every mom will be able to feel fashionable like an Instagram star. And by the way, she will be able to freely pack all the necessary accessories that are usually not seen in the photos of celebrities.

All of the above beach accessories are timeless and have a chance to become your favorite for years. The same is true for children, which is great because it dissuades us from having to buy constantly. You are sure to have a lot of fantastic beach clothes and fashion accessories at home. Before shopping, it is worth doing a reconnaissance in your home wardrobe to complete the missing items based on what you already have.

In our offer you will find a lot of fantastic styles of swimwear for children and mothers. This year, we can also boast elegant bathing shorts for daddies. Konges Slojd has prepared such surprises for us. The manufacturer's latest collection is simply amazing, as always!

Lovely swimsuits for children are asking to be supplemented with interesting accessories. We think of, among other things, colorful scarves and head turbans, which are also in strict trends this season. It is also impossible not to mention sunglasses for children. All available models are equipped with lenses that protect against harmful UV radiation. We should also remember this issue when choosing sunscreen creams. Today, special protection from the sun is important for both children and adults. For this reason, we recommend more built-up bathing suits or the use of sun umbrellas and canopies for the youngest.

On the beach, children's delicate feet will also require additional protection. The charming designs of Aster water shoes from Konges Slojd will easily adapt to any holiday styling, and at the same time will provide the child with maximum comfort, whether while running on the beach or taking their first steps in the water.

The beach and the water provide endless fun ideas for children. There is nothing to choose from without the sand cakes making kit. It just so happens that the Liewood brand has amazing beach play sets. Pots, buckets, fantastic patterns of silicone molds - there is a lot to choose from! If you do not yet have your own set for making sand cakes and building castles, among our proposals you will find beach toys for years.

A must-have accessory for sunbathing are baseball caps and we are sure that kids will be lost in Wynken styles. We especially recommend caps with an additional neck cover. Adults, too, should not blink from shielding their heads from the sun. Hats and baseball caps will never go out of style, and the protection against stroke is poetry!

We have already written about swimming wheels, carefully review all the offers, because the choice will be difficult! Swimming vests are also a nice option, ensuring the safety of younger children as well.

This year's collections of our favorite brands did not disappoint us, because we are dealing with truly timeless cuts. You can easily match fashionable beach accessories to what you already have in your wardrobe. You can also be sure that all of them will look fashionable and stylish also in the following seasons. It's like a small thing, but each of us wants to look and feel good. As it turns out, you can achieve great results without changing your wardrobe every few weeks or even months.

You can find all new beach accessories in our SUMMER tab. We strongly encourage you to explore, because although the weather leaves a lot to be desired, summer is fast approaching!

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