Summer dresses at Miss Lemonade - must have for hot summer

The weather has not spoiled us so far, but weather forecasters have already warned Poles against a heat wave. This is pretty good news - it will finally be possible to put on summer clothes! Today we're going to talk about summer dresses: what materials work best in summer? What colors are fashionable this season? What brands of children's clothes should you bet on? We invite you to review the collection of dresses at Miss Lemonade!

Fashion and comfort: the timeless designs of Konges Slojd dresses

Women are increasingly replacing the cheap and transient fast fashion in favor of timeless cuts and clothes made of good quality materials. This new trend also works great with children. Such dresses can be resold several times, because good fabric does not deteriorate. Your wallet will benefit from selling unworn clothes, and so will the Earth - less clothes will be left in landfills.

The Konges Slojd brand is a perfect example of timelessness. Summer dresses are kept in a minimalist Scandinavian style that suits every beauty. Bright colors, floral motifs, charming dots, original stitching - Konges Slojd offers charming dresses for girls and beautiful dresses for stylish mothers.

Sense and romance - summer dresses from Numero 74

Summer dresses Numero 74 made of organic cotton are amazing comfort for the skin - excellent air permeability, soft material. The collections of the brand's dresses will appeal to every woman. The fabric can be tied with a belt to emphasize the figure. If you give up the belt, the dresses will become airy and romantic!

We especially like the simple cotton dress Numero 74 Grace and the long, airy tunic Numero 74 Aya Djellaba. For girls, an airy Mia dress made of crumpled material or the elegant Grace, also available in a children's version, will be a great proposition.

Don’t worry, be Hippie! Loose dresses for girls and moms

The perfect summer dress is airy and breathable. This season, floral patterns are fashionable, of which we have plenty at Miss Lemonade! If you are looking for airy dresses for yourself and your baby girl, check out the Louise Misha or The Animals Observatory collections.

Among the proposals for mums, it is worth mentioning the delicate Louis Misham Otti knee-length dress, which is available in several colors and patterns. A beautiful cut is complemented by an excellent material - the dress is made of 100% silk! This quality is really rarely found in adult garments. We assure you that once you wear a silk dress, you will not want to wear anything else.

A very nice summer option for girls are dresses that emphasize childhood. Sometimes stylish outfits should be replaced with an airy dress with a fun motive. Children like it! Just look at the Mini Rodini Unicorn Dress. Your little lady will screech with delight!

Summer dresses for little elegant women: Bonton, Tocoto Vintage, Bobo Choses

Vintage style will never actually go out of style. This is a great style for people who like to stand out and like to play with fashion. Vintage summer dresses for little fashionistas can be found in the collections of Tocoto Vintage, Caramel Baby & Child and The New Society. These are great suggestions for celebrations that take place in the summer. A cotton dress with long sleeves will be much better than a polyester dress with straps. All thanks to the fact that the leather covered with cotton breathes freely.

If you are looking for timeless summer dresses for yourself and your daughter, make yourself a cup of good coffee and reserve some time, because at Miss Lemonade we have a lot of them and they are all equally beautiful. We warn you! You will want at least a few (teen) great summer outfits because it's really hard to take your eyes off them. Miss Lemonade wishes you a sunny summer!

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