Recently, more and more often we come across the statement that adults would like some clothes for children to be also available in the adult version. The reason for such a dream are absolutely beautiful and refined cuts that children and adults like. A great example will be The Animals Observatory brand, which is just releasing a collection for the upcoming season. Unique clothes for joyful individualists will surely appeal to you!

The whole philosophy of a happy life stands behind The Animals Observatory clothes. Every creator must have his source of inspiration, and the inspiration in this case are the most beautiful moments spent with the family. The creators try to tell us that time does not stand still, so it is worth focusing on fleeting, seemingly ordinary moments, such as the colors of hot summer or watching cartoons together on TV.

The Animals Observatory clothes are colorful, unique, elegant in a modern way and with a bit of good humor. The brand focuses on the joy of life and the everlasting hope that everything will be fine. Maybe that's why The Animals Observatory clothes are light and optimistic? It is worth mentioning that the brand is the result of cooperation between people who want to express their individuality through fashion. All clothing collections were created from passion and the desire to be yourself. How did it happen?

Reportedly, Jan Andreu - a successful entrepreneur - fell in love with the abilities of Laia Aguilar (then the creative director of another clothing brand) at first sight. This is how The Animals Observatory was born. The brand was a dream come true for these two, people in love with life and parenthood.

The new season at The Animals Observatory is colorful and optimistic like fashion from the 70s. For spring and summer 2023, the brand offers our children reversible jackets, tricot pants, geometric patterns, adjustable caps and a separate collection for the pool and beach. This season, the brand surprises us with original swimwear with matching glasses made of recycled materials. Boys can choose from comfortable blue or red swimming trunks, while girls can choose one-piece swimsuits with flowers or humorous patterns, for example pieces of cake on a red background. In addition, the brand offers us large and practical picnic bags in blue or pink.

It is worth noting that The Animals Observatory designs clothes for children and rarely divides them into collections for girls and boys. Swimwear and dresses are an exception, while multi-colored T-shirts, wide fabric pants, or sweatshirts and sweatpants are clothes that will appeal to boys and girls equally. The creators care about children's comfort and want to emphasize children's individualism, of course, maintaining the principles of good style.

Creators of The Animals Observatory brand cannot be denied creativity. Innovative and practical clothes for children go hand in hand with a promotional campaign that warms the heart. On the brand's website there is a special tab with a manifesto consisting of ten points. These are the guiding principles that the creators of The Animals Observatory are faithful to. Our attention was particularly drawn to the sentence: "We will be as honest as animals and as wise as children." The brand touches the recipients with similar phrases, and also offers us a solid dose of good humor, which, among others, can be seen in point 9 of the manifesto: "We will not use wool that scratch".

At the end, we saved point number 1 - "We will celebrate the beauty of the passage of time." Because every moment is unique and instead of being afraid of the future, we should enjoy the present. Don't miss any wonderful moment. The Animals Observatory is constantly trying to draw the audience's attention to these beautiful and unique moments spent with loved ones.

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