Laia Aguilar, Creative Director of The Animals Observatory has recently begun to draw inspiration for he collections from Italy.

Her points of reference for the latest AW17 collection are works by Italian director and scriptwriter, Federico Fellini - inspired with palette of Venetian school - especially with works of artists such as Tintoretto and Titian, interior designs of Carlo Scarpy and Gae Aulentiego, and hand-made clothes, beautifully and skillfully crafted by often hidden talents of grandmothers from past years.

The materials that are always chosen with concern for the comfort of children, but without prejudice to the style of designer clothes, Laia has proposed a warm and heavy yarns, cords, tinge of retro style and loosely woven tights. Once again this season, Laia Aguilar offers us great insight into her own personal, endless and iconographic universe which will provide children around the world with enriching experience, because clothing can also be art and allow us to dream of a golden age of our childhood.

The Animals Observatory brand is the result of love for children's fashion of two people: Lai Aguilar and John Andreu. Laia Aguilar has worked as Creative Director in Bobo Choses for many years, Jan Andreu has long dreamed of founding a new brand for children. With this love, they created comfortable clothes for children, full of colors and interesting designs. Laia sees children’s fashion as artistic tools with which she can express her own extraordinary world. She designs each garment according to her own style. The designs are a mix of simple, but ingenious patterns and unique colors. TAO is great materials and fabrics.


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