Have you ever had children who did not want to put on some clothes from their wardrobe? It is a sure sign that you have small connoisseurs of good style in your home. The New Society brand has an ideal offer for demanding children's fashionistas. The collection for spring and summer 2022 is phenomenal!

We honestly admit that unpacking new deliveries at Miss Lemonade is a real feast for the eyes. With a bit of amusement, we remember how our parents dressed us in the late 80s and 90s, and what the field of mums is today. The New Society is a great example of how fashion has stopped ignoring the needs of children and their parents. The brand's spring-summer collection will allow you to dress your kids in a fashionable, comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, FAST manner.

If you remember the stories in which you spent hours shuffling clothes in the closet in search of matching items of clothing for a family gathering - this nightmare will never happen to you again. High-quality clothes from the latest collection of The New Society meet the most important condition of sustainable fashion and go well with everything. They will perfectly complement the clothes that your children already have in their wardrobes.

We couldn't take our eyes off the dresses and summer overalls for the coming season. Subtle, eye-pleasing colors have been enriched with beautiful floral motifs or fun patterns depicting stray leaves and umbrellas. The New Society designers have the unique ability to accentuate the mischievous, childish character with extremely stylish clothes.

The spring-summer series of clothes for boys and girls includes wonderful shirts and t-shirts, insane sweaters, practical and universal katanas and shorts, as well as comfortable headgear. The clothes perfectly meet the requirements dictated by the unpredictable weather we deal with every spring and summer.

Classic denim jackets and shorts complement children's wardrobes with practical and universal solutions. The styles of The New Society blouses and jackets will suit both everyday styling and slightly more formal occasions.

It is also worth mentioning the convenience, because it is not the style itself that counts. The styles of children's clothes from the spring and summer collection perfectly meet the needs of the youngest. The clothes are tight-fitting, but not tight-fitting. You can also choose from fantastic airy shirts, loose shorts or dresses. There is no question of abrasive stitching, abrasive materials or fabrics that prevent the skin from breathing freely.

Both girls and boys will love the new collection of The New Society since it is fashionable, interesting and comfortable. Just in time to meet the high expectations of kids who do not intend to pretend in the name of trends. Let us follow their example and give up uncomfortable and impractical clothes!

Spaniards are famous for their openness and boldness in being themselves. The founder of The New Society brand, privately a mother of two children, a boy and a girl, smuggles Spanish charm into her projects.

Estefania Grandio has worked for years for big fashion brands, and in 2019 she finally transferred her talent to her own projects, into which she puts a lot of work and heart. Unlike big fashion houses, The New Society brand focuses on responsible production and respect for people. It also pays great attention to the materials from which the clothes are sewn.

It is worth mentioning that in the collections of the Spanish brand there are many excellent proposals of clothes for adults. Today's children's fashion is so aesthetic that the little ones can be envied with not only beautiful but also good-quality clothes. The New Society creates projects that will wipe the tears of parents tired of shopping in chain stores, who have nothing to offer but polyester with a slight admixture of better quality materials. Do not fall for it, buy consciously and your life will become more comfortable!

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