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We are approaching Christmas and there is no denying that during this wonderful time the Christmas tree and the presents hidden under it arouse great emotions. Parents are already wandering around shopping malls and browsing online stores in search of the best gifts for children. To make this difficult task easier for you, we have prepared some proven gift suggestions for a boy.

Universal gift for a child: what to buy a little boy?

Young children are inundated with toys, most of which are stuffed animals and uncreative toys. These are beautiful objects, which are difficult to play with, which makes them end up in wardrobes quite quickly. If you are looking for a universal gift for a child, and more specifically a boy, bet on a toy that will really engage him. A great example will be Vilac bowling for children. It is fun for many hours, and in addition, knocking over all the posts will give the child great satisfaction.

Children are also fascinated by mosaics and colorful ornaments that can be arranged and combined into various shapes. Lots of fantastic jigsaw puzzles and art puzzles have the Djeco brand. Particularly popular are accessories that glow in the dark, which can be found, for example, in puzzles with a kitten (Djeco Wizzy Cute Cats).

It is also worth paying attention to the original Londji puzzles. These are not ordinary puzzles, but a decent dose of colors and shapes. Kids also love playing with stickers. Stickers can be found in Londji Make New Friends, among others. Fascinating, universal toys for children include the educational puzzle Giant Human Body by JANOD.

Gift for a school boy, what to buy?

The older the child, the more difficult it is to choose a gift for him. Growing up children usually already have their own passions and interests. Some boys will be fascinated by the actions of the Friza team, while others will absorb curiosities watching YouTube channels such as Top 10 of Everything or Planeta Faktów. On this basis, you can deduce what gadget for a boy is worth buying.

Children are naturally curious about the world and love a challenge. They love to play games where you can get dirty. Boys like to tinker and disassemble toys to see how they are built. Therefore, a nice idea for a gift for an older child will be, for example, the SentoSphere glycerin base for making soaps yourself. An equally fascinating set of a small chemist, also from the SentoSphere brand. Boys will also appreciate the best-selling slime slime, which has been very popular on the children's toy market for several years.

Coming back to DIY - pay attention to BUKI toys. They are self-driving vehicles. Every curious boy will be able to take the toy apart without being afraid of breaking it. The brand also offers dinosaurs for self-assembly! There is nothing better than a dinosaur that can be assembled from scratch.

Children have also enjoyed educational toys depicting the human body for years. In BUKI Human Body, we can perform surgeries and learn what human organs look like.

What gift to buy a child who has everything?

Older generations could not complain about the excess of goods and services. The current times give us more opportunities and we can also buy more. Almost unlimited access to great things is a great happiness, but sometimes also a trap. Suddenly, it turns out that it is difficult to please someone with a gift, because that person has everything they need to live. And what is not needed is already there. It is no different with children who are flooded with gifts and are no longer able to play with everything.

What gift to buy a child who already has all the toys of his dreams? Contrary to appearances, there are many possibilities. It can be a joint trip to the cinema or the zoo. It can be a concert of your favorite child star. And if you really want to give your child something material, reach for something surprising and engaging. A nice gift for a few-year-old will be, among others, sets for self-assembly, for example, the Djeco I Love Cars set. In turn, older boys will be happy to get involved in arranging unusual MudPuppy puzzles depicting the map of Europe. We also recommend Ghosts and Zombies origami by Djeco.

Children learn very quickly, which is why childhood is the best time to awaken a passion for, for example, music in a small person. The point is not to torment the child with learning additional skills, but to help him find a hobby. One of the most pleasant passions is music. Consider buying a small musical instrument, such as a guitar or keyboard. The parent can also buy an instrument, learning to play together with the child. It's a great way to spend time together and relax! Remember that the most valuable thing we can give a child is our time and support. Let's make sure that our children always feel loved and that they will like all the gifts.

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