Every day, moms appear on the Miss Lemonade website who want to provide their children with the best, highest-quality products. Meanwhile, the All Mums' Day is approaching and it is worth thinking about yourself for a change. Because a happy mother is also a happy child!

Mothers of older children can count on laurels, kisses and hugs on their holiday. On the other hand, babies are not yet aware of these topics, but usually they can count on help from daddies. Regardless of how loved ones celebrate Mother's Day, all mothers have an official dispensation to make a Mother's Day gift for themselves.

High-quality cosmetics (and a beautician - she will always be useful to every mother), favorite perfumes, going to the cinema or theater together, a weekend at the SPA. The closest ones have many opportunities and ways to celebrate Mother's Day and they usually organize this day very well.

Gifts from others are great because it is an expression of appreciation, love and sympathy. But a gift purchased by yourself will always be practical and perfectly suited to your taste. So this time it is worth putting the children's categories aside and focusing on products for women. It just so happens that we have some great gift ideas for you on Mother's Day. These are the things that you will surely like!

As lovers of a sustainable lifestyle, we are fans of practical and good quality gifts. A bit of luxury will not hurt either, because who will forbid a great mother? Certainly not us!

The bathing season is approaching, so the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful swimsuit straight from the headlines. In the monokini from Konges Slojd, every mother will feel like a star and that's what it's all about. We especially like the red and blue Fresia Preggi bathing suits. They just look amazing!

A timeless, high-quality dress will also be a great gift option for Mother's Day. One in which a woman will feel great. Dresses have the advantage that in the spring and summer period they are a ready idea for a styling that will always look good. Here, as an example, we will use the beautiful Numero 74 dresses, cotton and adapted for nursing mothers. In most styles, the neckline is easy to tilt so that you can freely feed your toddler whenever he lets you know. The Louise Misha brand also has beautiful, airy summer dresses made of organic cotton and viscose. The latest collection is breathtaking. There is no option not to look good in women's midi and maxi dresses by Louise Misha.

It is also said that nothing pleases a woman like beautiful shoes. And maybe full-time mums will be less pleased with the new pair of high heels, but they will certainly appreciate comfortable and elegant shoes, which are a great addition to any outfit. Here we also have our suggestions, visible in the tab with Salt Water products.

Among the perfect gifts for mothers, you can also distinguish all sorts of handbags. Experts confirm: handbags are one of the greatest weaknesses of women! In addition, every mother deserves a packable, practical, and elegant and durable handbag. Or two bags to make it even. You can also find original offers in our store, in the FASHION tab. Let it be an inspiration for you!

Only for a few years women have openly talked about the challenge of motherhood. And it's not even about raising a baby, but about the strength it takes to be pregnant and recover from pregnancy. Meanwhile, even the smallest women show that neither a weakened organism nor the power of daily duties are able to prevent them from being a 24/7 mother, always available to their beloved child.

That is why, dear women, we want to appreciate you from this place and ask that you also appreciate yourself. You are beautiful, strong and irreplaceable. Be understanding with yourself and take care of yourself every day. Your happiness is the basis for the happiness of your child or children. So sometimes it is worth thinking about intangible gifts, let go of the rush and give yourself time off.

The Miss Lemonade team wishes all mums nothing but splendor!

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