The first cuddly toy for babies - a plush friend from Senger Naturwelt

It's hard to describe the joy and all the emotions you feel at the sight of your beloved baby! If only it was possible to stop time and listen to the calm breathing of the baby for hours and share its colorful dreams! In today's post, we would like to invite you to a small journey in time that will not extend the childhood of your son or daughter, but will certainly allow you to enjoy every moment together. On our little trip, soft cuddly Senger Naturwelt will accompany you.

Sweet childhood! Mom and Dad are always there, and your only responsibility is to sleep well and eat. You feel that you still know little about the world, but love does not need to be understood and you appreciate its every gesture. You don't realize how important everything that surrounds you is. A clean and coarse nappy for every feeding, a soft blanket for your afternoon naps, colorful toys hanging over your cradle and a personal cuddly toy: a brown teddy bear. These are items that may be irrelevant in a few years, but they accompany you in your development during infancy and early childhood.

The producers of Senger Naturwelt - a nice couple from Germany - laugh that the plush cuddly toys also smile at the parents of the children. Brown or white teddy bears are for some people a symbol of childhood. At the same time, it's hard not to get emotional and not want such a sweet cuddly toy to be a part of our lives again. A discreet place on a shelf in the bedroom and now: we can remember the moments when inventing new games was the only job, lavishly rewarded by loving parents.

So let's go back to our childhood again. Here, every month is like a year. We get to know the world and learn every day. As we chew on a new toy, hundreds of new connections are formed in our brain, which in the future will be responsible for our intelligence, confidence, empathy and many other qualities. The more love and attention we received at this stage, the happier we will be as adults. What is the role of cuddly toys in all of this?

Hugging is crucial in regulating emotions. We are well aware that all mothers would like to watch day and night at the crib of their beloved baby, always to hug them on time. However, this is not possible, but you don't have to worry about it! Your little one knows you love them. And cuddly toys have been present in children's cradles for centuries. The fashion for toys is changing, but the idea of ​​a teddy bear remains. Children love to cuddle, and their favorite teddy bear from infancy is their best friend also in the next stages of growing up. A plush toy is your child's first friend.

Young mothers often ask the question: since when is a cuddly toy for a baby needed? A plush gadget may appear near a child from the first weeks of life. Remember that your baby cannot cuddle yet. A plush toy must be adapted to the needs and safety of the beloved crumb. Fluffy geese from Senger Naturwelt come to the rescue. The flat wings will always be near the baby, covering the plump baby's hands with softness. Organic cotton stuffed with sheep's wool is a combination that ensures safety and comfort even for the most sensitive toddler.

A few months old kids can choose a great classic, which is a teddy bear. Senger Naturwelt charms with soft teddy bears and queens with ears perfect for tugging. Exploring the world in such company is a fairy tale full of the best adventures! The teddy bear and bunny cuddly toys are also made of organic cotton and wool. Moreover, they were made by hand! Available in various sizes, these plush cuddly toys have magic and exceptional warmth. Literally! Inside the selected stuffed animals, including geese, a bag with cherry stones is hidden. You can take it out and heat it in the oven to give your little one's plush friend a real warmth.

And although we grow up, the stuffed animals will always have the best in them, all the magic of childhood. The creators of Senger Naturwelt know how important this magic is - they make soft toys that are safe and durable. Timeless!

Well, maybe it's time for a nap. But snack first! We would like to end our short journey with this positive accent. We hope you liked it!

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