Learning new things through play is the most effective and interesting way for children to learn new skills. Colorful, designer accessories for learning and playing encourage children to try their hand at painting, writing and reading. Check out what the new brand Djeco has prepared for you!

The fantastic brand with accessories for learning and playing for children was founded in 1954! Interestingly, the brand was founded by a woman: Véronique Michel-Dalès, at a time when mothers were obliged to sit at home.

The young French girl adored her son and wanted to create the best tools for him to learn and play. This is how the tiny company Djeco was founded, which locally sold high-quality children's accessories. When my son grew up, the company suspended its operations and re-emerged in the late 1980s.

The son focused on importing toys from all over the world to France. He traveled a lot and studied, wanting to give the little French the best. Just like his mother did many years ago. In turn, at the end of the 90s, the Djeco brand became a well-known manufacturer of educational toys.

This is not the end of the company's fascinating development. In 2007, the manufacturer launched the now popular Arty Toys series. The so-called artistic toys is a collection of unique, beautiful games and activities that catch the eye of even the most demanding children. A whole new era of Djeco games and accessories began. See for yourself how unique these gadgets are!

It is important to spend a lot of time with your baby during the first few years of life. The more time you spend with your child playing, learning to read and drawing lines, the easier it will be in kindergarten and school. In an ideal world, moms and dads could focus only on caring for the baby, but apart from raising kids, we have a lot of other responsibilities.

It is worthwhile to interweave fun activities with encouraging the child to organize his / her own time. It is important that your beloved son or daughter be able to play alone. Thanks to this, they will never be bored and parents will have time to perform their duties. What's more, when children play alone, inventing new activities for themselves, they develop not only creativity, but also independence, which is worth its weight in gold later in life! Of course, it is worth keeping an eye on smart little ones, because, as we know, they do not know fear.

Creative toys from Djeco are perfect for children who are taking their first steps in the world of fun, and for older boys and girls. Take a look at the fantastic whale-shaped art puzzles. It is an explosion of colors and a picture that even takes us to a magical world. This is the perfect gift for little explorers! Djeco puzzles are simply amazing.

And if you have younger kids at home, pay attention to the colorful wooden blocks and the magnetic fishing board. It is an opportunity to learn shapes and colors, an opportunity to develop a child's motor skills, and at the same time amazing fun!

We were also enchanted by tiny drums and ukuleles, which will develop the child musically and stimulate his creativity. This is the perfect way to introduce your toddler to sounds and music. Speaking of melodies, Djeco has also prepared unique music boxes for children. A magic music box with a cute lullaby can become a real symbol of childhood and evoke pleasant associations throughout your life!

The collection of Djeco accessories also includes colored drawing blocks, gouache paints, pencil cases and backpacks. These are proposals for older children starting school or kindergarten. Colorful school supplies will certainly encourage them to study outside the home!

Djeco cares about the development of children and places great emphasis on making toys interesting for them. However, this is not all, because one of the main priorities of the manufacturer is quality and safety.

Djeco accessories and toys are made after advanced prototype tests. The materials used to create the prototype and the final product are of the highest quality and come from producers meeting European standards.

When Djeco employees make sure that the toy is perfect and safe, the prototype goes into production. Then it is time for further tests, after which the toy receives a CE certificate, which is the best confirmation of compliance with European safety standards.

It is delightful that the Djeco brand has transformed from a tiny local company into a high-quality manufacturer of unique educational toys popular all over the world! Such development must show that the producer knows what children need to develop their minds while having fun!

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