It's hard to imagine a childhood without dolls. Makeshift toy dolls were made even at a time when it was impossible to dream of reputable children's toy stores. The history of dolls perfectly shows how important they are in the life of a child, especially girls. Today we invite you for a virtual journey through the kingdom of Minikane dolls - a French brand loved by children all over the world.

A French brand that offers Spanish dolls? This is not a mistake! Minikane is indeed a reputable brand from France. The manufacturer is famous for the fact that it produces high-quality dolls for girls and doll clothes made of natural materials. The dolls are intended for children over 3 years of age.

Indeed, the term Spanish doll can refer to beautiful, realistic dolls from Spain. However, it is used much more often in the context of high-quality dolls. As a rule, they represent babies and toddlers. There is also a collection of large dolls depicting older children. Spanish dolls are pleasant to the touch, fragrant and, in addition, safe for children. They were made of friendly materials, without the addition of toxic paints, phthalates and other inventions straight from Mendeleev's table.

Spanish Minikane dolls also have unique clothes made of cotton. This ensures their durability, allows regular washing and allows the doll to look impeccable, even after many years of children's play. You can choose an elegant stroller to the set, also made of cotton with stainless steel construction elements. They are toys for generations!

The undoubted advantage of Spanish dolls is their appearance. Minikane Babies are very realistic and pleasing to the eye. The wide collection of 28 cm newborns includes dolls imitating European, African and Asian babies. Thanks to this, the offer is more interesting, and at the same time the child acquires the basics of knowledge about other nationalities in the world.

Spanish baby dolls are very popular. They are perfect for playing and cuddling, and you can take them with you wherever you go. Large dolls for girls are equally popular - these are Spanish dolls presenting older children. Models of this type are 32 to 37 centimeters high, with longer hair and other clothes. And we must honestly admit that it is very difficult to choose one, the most interesting doll. They all evoke positive emotions and really all of them have an equal, high chance of being liked by a child.

There are two directions you can take when looking for a doll for your baby. The first of them assumes that the most attractive for a child will be what he does not know, i.e. for Polish girls it will be black or Asian-type dolls. The second direction involves choosing the doll that most closely resembles the child it will belong to. In both cases, the interest in the toy will be enormous.

The doll is not just a toy, and if any parent says so, we have a penal slap on the nose! The doll is a great friend and a "person" to whom the child can pour its care and look after. The doll will also be a great support for parents in educational matters.

Girls often identify with the dolls they own, so some difficult issues are easier for them to understand and accept when the doll is incorporated into them. This is best explained with an example. Let's assume that a girl named Ania does not want to go to bed at a certain time, and that each evening means crying, pleas and growing tiredness of her parents. And it is not healthy to sit until the night. In this case, it is worth looking at the child's fears and giving him a tool to deal with them. Ania's favorite doll, which will accompany the girl while sleeping, can enter here. You can explain to your child that the doll also needs to sleep in order to have the strength to play in the morning.

There are plenty of similar examples. It is often easier for a child to understand something on the example of a toy with which he can share his childhood responsibilities, joys and dilemmas. It may happen that Ania will not want to talk about her emotions, but instead will talk about her doll's feelings. In fact, these will, of course, be the feelings of Ani herself. So the doll will also be a great tool for communication between the child and the parent.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that boys can also play with Minikane dolls. Caring for a toy baby will make every child healthy, teach them to be caring and help them express their own emotions. You really don't need to be afraid that the boy also wants to play with dolls. Playing with dolls will not hurt any child, and it can only bring wonderful benefits. See for yourself!

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