The Spanish brand The New Society comes to us with a promise of a sunny summer! The Ode to an Endless Summer collection is a combination of the magic of childhood and beautiful summer days. The brand convinces us to enjoy every moment, because time is the greatest treasure!

The children's clothing collection for the upcoming spring-summer season is a real ode to summer. To its long and sunny days, picturesque sunrises and sunsets, hot afternoons spent with friends and happiness that we feel during the most beautiful summer days. Summer is memories that make this season endless, even though in Poland it is very short.

In the Ode to an Endless Summer collection, The New Society points out that time is our greatest treasure. It cannot be bought with money, it cannot be undone. Our task is to enjoy every day. The inevitable passage of time is especially understood by parents who have the opportunity to observe the incredibly fast growth of their beloved babies. Instead of dealing with problems that you don't have to strive for, it's better to focus on what is beautiful and joyful. We can handle the rest easily.

The new drop from The New Society brings us joy and lots of sunshine. The colors of the fabrics used to create the spring-summer collection are not only fashionable, but above all they look as if they were touched by the rays of the setting sun. Floral prints and a fine check bring to mind holidays on an allotment, family meetings at a barbecue and joint trips to the lake. This warm and positive collection of children's summer clothing is inspired by northern Italy. The founder of the brand tries to take us to a country known from such films as La Dolce Vita or Those Days, Those Nights (Call me by your name).

Children's summer clothes from The New Society consist of beautiful colors. Sandy brown, juicy orange, subdued blue, navy blue of the night sky and sun-burnt green grass are examples of colors that create beautiful compositions of patterns and cuts. Ruffled dresses and blouses will be fashionable this spring and summer - such cuts are also offered to us by The New Society. The cuts of dresses, shorts, trousers, shirts and blouses perfectly match the upcoming trend of sporty elegance. The proposals for the summer season 2023 also include fashionable jeans. Depending on how you combine selected elements of your wardrobe, you will get an everyday or festive effect. What's more, The New Society clothes are very comfortable and airy - made of natural fabrics of the highest quality.

The New Society designs are unique and very stylish. However, what really sets the Spanish brand apart is its approach to sustainability. The brand encourages us to romanticize everyday life, enjoy the moment and enjoy nature, but it would not be sincere if the brand's activities were based on exploitation. Meanwhile, The New Society's behavior is consistent with the values promoted by the brand.

All The New Society garments are sustainably produced in factories in Spain and Portugal. Children's clothing is made of only the best fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Items that must be made of synthetic fabrics, such as outerwear, are made of recycled polyester. The excellent fabrics are also beautifully sewn, creating unique and timeless pieces of clothing that will delight both children and parents.

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