It is already here! The latest collection of Tiny Cottons Autumn Winter 17/18 Altiplano, available in our online store

"We take you to an unusual place, unknown to most of us ... the famous Altiplano, the High Plain full of lamas and interesting people, where we will discover the highest Lake on Earth with a very fun name, Titicaca, and many other stunning things. It is the Altiplano that inspired us with diversity of landscapes, animals, culture and crafts. Be sure to see the latest fall-winter collection which brings folk elements to life, small llamas and dolls".

Tiny Cottons was founded as a family company in December 2012. Then Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano decided to do something entirely else for the children. They developed a brand with high-quality products produced in Europe and treated it as a brand for adults. Stylish, but bold, with a strong image and history. They create collections which engages children, which teaches them something, or just love some of its piece that they will remember forever. In every season, Tiny Cottons tells a new story. With different graphics, a special palette of colors and simple shapes, it gives meaning to each portion of the collection. "Comfort is something compulsory for us and for the children." Tiny Cottons as a fashion brand seeks to create a good, durable product, which is at the same time a favorite of every child. The quality is the most important for Tiny Cottons. In the case of cotton fabrics, they use recycled materials. The company is environment-friendly and it cares for it. In Tiny Cottons, their goal is for everyone associated with its products to be proud of it.

When it comes to inspiration, the head office in Barcelona makes everything easier – the city is cosmopolitan, full of culture, art, green spaces, parks, small and large businesses. This entitles Tiny Cottons to make it better each day. Part of the process of creating a brand also involves books and travel. "We draw, we paint, we cut and we glue as much as we can. We try to be as free as the minds of children. With their own, unique, bold and not-so-serious attitude".

"We want to be the children's brand which the grandparents choose because of the quality and parents choose due to the design and freshness, and the children for the sake of convenience and fun."


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