The summer season is the time we look forward to the most. Long days are perfect for meeting friends and great outdoor activities. The founder and designer of the children's clothing brand Tocoto Vintage understands this very well, which is why with her latest collection of spring and summer clothes for children, she takes us to the fascinating climate of Mediterranean islands!

Children of endless summer, or children of endless summer, is a children's collection by Tocoto Vintage, a tribute to children's joy and the ability not to worry about small things. There is always summer in a child's soul and this is what the beautiful clothes for the coming spring and summer 2022 refer to.

The founder of the brand sews and creates clothes for her children. The designer, who comes from the island of Formentera, has created a collection in a Mediterranean climate. So we will not find children's clothes typical for a cold Polish spring. However, we will find plenty of proposals for a hot summer!

Tocoto Vintage sews well-balanced clothes for babies and older children between the ages of 3 months and 14 years. The Spanish brand creates amazing styles that combine vintage style with modern fashion in such a way as to delight not only adults, but also children themselves.

Tocoto Vintage children's clothes are comfortable and of a very high quality. Cotton shorts and blouses will surely serve at least a few children over the years. These styles will never go out of fashion and the materials will not lose their beauty!

The latest collection of spring and summer clothes for boys and girls includes a lot of skirts and dresses for girls. It's also dozens of amazing T-shirts and shirts, perfect for any gender.

Particular attention is drawn to the charming shorts and loose pants in a sailor style. Children's swimwear also presents a fantastic combination of vintage fashion with modern style. Tocoto Vintage has created one of the most beautiful clothing collections for 2022! See for yourself, the clothes are now available in our store!

The romance of life is a relatively new catchphrase that describes the richness of enjoying little things. Romanticizing your everyday life means enjoying the morning sun rays, enjoying coffee or taking a nap during the day.

Adults learn to appreciate their everyday life again, and children still have it in their blood. Our little ones can enjoy the little things that we, as adults, have not noticed for a long time. The first spring flowers, a ladybug living among domestic plants, an afternoon shared with their beloved parents ... No wonder that children have so much energy, since they enjoy so much every day! Maybe let's try to follow an example from them and our life will become easier?

The author of the spring-summer collection for Tocoto Vintage admitted that the current collection is the most romantic of all she has created so far. The word romantic here means delicacy and beauty that makes us stop and celebrate the moment.

Girls' dresses in the eye-catching colors of apple green and dusty pink, with their cut resemble Ania from Green Gables, always reading poetry, dreamy, appreciating every good moment in life.

The Tocoto Vintage spring-summer collection is so rich in patterns and styles that every girl will find something for herself. There are loose dresses and organic cotton skirts perfect for lovers of comfort. There will also be elegant tulle skirts that will charm little hipsters.

Fashion from the 70s is back, which is especially visible in the bell-type trousers, which have returned to favor again. We believe that Tocoto Vintage took only the best from the 70s fashion. Lovely dungarees for boys and girls, comfortable cotton T-shirts, shirts, shorts and dresses reminiscent of a holiday on one of the Mediterranean islands… It's hard to ignore these patterns and colors.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to certified organic cotton, Tocoto Vintage focuses on a modern material, equally perfect for summer. It is about tencel, also known as the material of the future. It is a fabric obtained from wood cellulose, fully natural and beneficial for the environment. The production process is also ecological.

Tencel has properties similar to cotton, it is durable, breathable and skin-friendly. This material is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin prone to allergies. The material that is nice to the touch will provide children with comfort and comfort during various activities, in any weather!

Tencel is the main material used to create the Tocoto Vintage collection inspired by the 1970s. Hippie accents perfectly match the carefree and happy everyday life of children.

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