December has arrived, although the weather resembles the early spring rather than the winter time. The sun is shining, it’s warm – it makes us long for the warm spring or even for the hot summer… At Miss Lemonade we are starting off with our preparations for the spring-winter season. The summer atmosphere is being invoked by the fashion brands that draw attention to themselves because of their newest fashion lines for spring and winter 2018.

Children fashion is dominated by vivid, bright, intense summer colors which appear in fruit patterns – juice apples smelling of summer (the Animals Observatory), or sweet bananas or even maritime patterns – shells, palm trees which make you think of summer holiday, furthermore there are bows present as well (for example in the Bobo Choses fashion line) which the girls absolutely adore because they add charm to every single fashion stylization, you can also run across checks and stripes – all that is kept in color scheme that catches eye and gives the clothing the feel of happy summer holiday time.

The colors that appear in spring-summer fashion lines 2018 constitute typical summer colors; different shades of yellow, green, raspberry, delicate vanilla and corals. Comfortable cuts, magnificent styles encourage to serenely play with friends outside. Every single fashion line has its story to tell and invite into the world of carefree pranks. The fashion trends for children in the upcoming spring and summer seem to be juicy and utterly colorful.


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