We are in the middle of the holiday season, which seems truly tropical. We remind you to drink plenty of water, but in the meantime, we have for you new, interesting offers of products that will make your children's holidays pleasant. What's more, they will make vacationing more comfortable, which in turn will certainly be appreciated by parents.

We have written about the Liewood brand more than once. It is one of our favorite manufacturers of children's clothes and accessories. The brand's designs are primarily practical and you can see from a distance that they are also extremely comfortable. Liewood products are a support for parents caring for babies, toddlers and older children who are joyfully rushing to kindergarten and school. Liewood producers create gadgets for modern families, busy, overworked, and at the same time appreciating every moment together.

The Liewood brand comes from Copenhagen and its designs are based on Nordic traditions. As a result, children's clothes, toys and accessories not only look beautiful, but also have impressive durability. And yet the items used every day must be durable, otherwise there is no use for them. Parents work hard to ensure their children have a comfortable and carefree life. It really is a pity for this work to buy poor quality products. It doesn't pay off at all! We also emphasize that Liewood is an ethical brand, so it does not exploit people from developing countries and uses safe, non-toxic materials for production. These are mainly natural materials, such as organic cotton, silicone or natural rubber.

In the latest collection of Liewood children's clothes and accessories, you will find a full set of products recommended for family trips outside the city and more. High-quality products, including rainproof sets, shatterproof, light dishes and thermoses, sleeping bags and mattresses, as well as spacious bags, will allow for an exciting and comfortable trip for the whole family!

For rainy days, we recommend very good, designer Liewood Tobias rain boots made of natural rubber. Liewood Gustav fins, made of hypoallergenic silicone, are perfect for swimming. It is important that there is no plastic in indoor shoes for summer and virtually every season. Plastic prevents the skin from breathing, which increases the risk of the body overheating. Children are very vulnerable to it, so be careful. When possible, run barefoot. Of course, this practice is not recommended in summer and winter. ;) As well as feet, we should pay special attention to the heads of all family members, from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone should wear a stylish hat or cap when outdoors. A nice option will be, for example, cotton, double-sided Liewood Amelia hats, which will appeal to girls. On the other hand, fashionable mothers can reach for hats from the Liewood Elle Capri collection.

If you are planning a vacation with a toddler, Liewood Isla's compact, foldable changing mats may be of interest to you. The brand also released stylish and capacious travel bags, in which you can fit all the necessary things for mothers and babies. Best of all, all these accessories will prove themselves all year round! After all, a vacation is a small segment of time from the whole year and there is no point in buying things only for this one trip. One time it is non-organic, and two times, these items will only take up space in your home. Meanwhile, products that can be used throughout the summer season or the whole year will make our life more comfortable.

Even the longest vacation goes by far too quickly. The time of blissful laziness ends for everyday duties, and next to memories and souvenirs from the trip, only a golden tan is left. However, do not lose faith in everyday life, because it is also possible to settle down well in a gray reality. Remember that we still have some free time after work and it is worth using this time properly.

It is worth taking care of your mental well-being during the holidays. Unlimited access to solar vitamin D gives us a chance to free ourselves from stress and worry. We will deal with mundane matters in the fall! Therefore, we highly recommend evening meditation on the balcony / terrace or in the garden. A great family routine will also be long afternoon walks, obligatory with a stop for natural ice cream in a sweet waffle. Holidays are also a great opportunity to show children how they can develop their imaginations. If children learn to organize their own games, parents will be able to content themselves with just keeping them safe, if necessary. In this way, your beloved toddler will be able to splash in the mini pool on the terrace, and you can read a book or practice unbelievably relaxing yoga. We realize that this can be difficult to achieve at times, but it is worth trying. Of course, you will find mini-pools for children among the novelties from Liewood. The Leonore pool is available in several versions. It will surely steal every toddler's heart!

Finally, it is worth mentioning the amazing toys, perfect for the beach, sandbox and bathtub. These are silicone, virtually indestructible sets: garden, beach and backyard sets. Liewood even has a gorgeous tennis set and absolutely best-selling water throwers. Give such a water thrower to your child and he will forget about your existence for hours! Note, in one family there should be two water throwers: one for the child, the other for the father, so that no one has to wait their turn.

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