Although we still have a winter landscape outside the window, the day is getting longer and before we look back, spring will cheer up our everyday life. The time is approaching to clean up the wardrobe and to prepare the wardrobe for the warm season. If you have noticed some shortcomings in your children's wardrobes, check out the latest Mini Rodini collection to fill them up! The brand, as usual, does not disappoint and offers great, universal clothes for girls and boys.

Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain range in Africa, fascinates travelers and has charmed tourists for centuries with its beauty and richness of nature. No wonder the Mini Rodini designers decided to be inspired by the unlimited freedom of wild nature.

The latest Mini Rodini set combines the classic classic with new designs. Clothes made of high-quality natural materials attract people not only with their quality and appearance, but also with their low environmental impact. Mini Rodini has been in existence since 2006 and has been taking care of low CO2 emissions from the very beginning, as well as sourcing materials from sustainable suppliers. All this in order not to burden nature and preserve its beautiful fruit for children. Thanks to our responsibility and caring for nature, in the future, children will be able to see the beauty of Kilimanjaro and more.

Meanwhile, let our little ones explore the nooks and crannies of wild nature around the house. It is worth developing children's curiosity and fueling it with knowledge from books and films. Stunning photos of wild animals will surely develop their imaginations and arouse their interest in nature.

Lots of animal motifs can be found in the spring / summer 2022 collection for Mini Rodini. The tiger's predatory paw, crocodiles and palms are among the many outstanding designs of the artist Cassandra Rhodin, who is responsible for the unique patterns on the clothes. The latest Mini Rodini set will charm even the most demanding kids!

Mini Rodini clothes have always been made of certified materials. Organic cotton with the GOTS certificate is a standard, while the necessary elements made of polyester are also of high quality and are made of recycled materials.

This time, the designers combined high-quality cotton with fantastic woven linen. People interested in the quality of fabrics already know that linen is an ideal material for summer. Breathable, pleasant to touch and very durable. It is worth investing in cotton and linen clothes, especially if they are sewn for very warm or very cold days.

Beautifully sewn, resistant to the passage of time, the timeless Mini Rodini sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts are great pieces of clothing for boys and girls. The brand focuses on unisex designs that wonderfully emphasize children's joy in life, and at the same time easily combine with clothes that every child already has in their wardrobe.

It is worth mentioning that the Mini Rodini denim clothes are made in a unique, still rare way. Thanks to the ozonation method, as much as 85% less chemicals are used during production than usual. The brand's commitment to sustainable production deserves loud applause!

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, both days off and school days have changed their nature. However, comfort and good style are still important. Yes! Children also pay attention to what clothes they are wearing. Even the most demanding children will feel good in the unique and at the same time very classic designs by Mini Rodini. Brand designs simply do not contain unnecessary elements. Collars that can hurt and other annoying accessories that restrict children's movements and actions dictated by spontaneity.

Mini Rodini sweatshirts and T-shirts are the perfect wardrobe items for long walks or hours of fun on the plot. They will also work great while sitting at the school desk and waiting for the desired bell. Clothes made of natural fabrics are the essence of comfort and good style. Children will feel the difference immediately and won't want to wear anything else!

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