The autumn-winter collection, "No More Boring Art" from Wolf & Rita which is available in our Miss Lemonade store, draws from works of such artists such as John Baldessari, Eduardo Matos and Shōji Ueda.

The longtime devotees of Baldessari's art have joined the archive photography with dots and splashes of paint with subtle carvings of Matos to create bold, joyful and colorful designs for this collection. Equally inspiring was the photographic work of Shoji Ueda, in its quiet and gracious remembrance of youth and a great celebration of the beauty of small things.

Wolf & Rita brand comes from Portugal. Its range includes beautiful, poetic and luxury products. The creators of the brand have over 30 years of experience in sewing shirts, so Wolf & Rita cultivates the knowledge and inspiration from the past to create modern clothes for everyday use. Their fabrics and decorations are of the highest quality. The brand is known for its lively, vivid colours and funny prints. Each collection tells a different story.

"Art is a mirror of everything that happens in the world, but it can also change our outlook on the world. We live in fast-changing and troubled times, so innocence, hope and dreams are treasures to revere and protect. There is magic in growing up while trying to hold on to the innocence of childhood. Let’s celebrate being young and adventurous. To celebrate art is to celebrate life itself."


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