Wooden educational and classic toys - why is it worth reaching for them?

A wide selection of toys for children is especially pleasing to the older generation, who did not have a lot of choice in this area. However, it is worth emphasizing that all generations are connected by wooden toys with a rich history and remarkable advantages. Today we can find both classic wooden toys and wooden educational toys in stores.



Advantages of wooden toys for babies and children

Toys have been around for centuries - they were used by children in Ancient Rome. Interestingly, the Romans also appreciated educational toys. So the fashion for educational games is not as new as it may seem. In turn, the greatest popularity of wooden toys was in the Middle Ages. Interestingly, in those days, children played with sets of wooden figures depicting various stories or events. The most popular play scenarios were: monastic life, funerals and knightly fights. Well, it's good that those times are over.

The real boom for various toys took place in the 19th century and it can be said that it continues to this day. The invention of plastic in the 1970s led to a significant increase in the production of toys for babies and children. Thanks to cheap materials, toys became much cheaper, but unfortunately many of them were also harmful to health. Fortunately, wooden toys have not ceased to exist and have experienced a new boom in popularity for several years. Wooden toys have a ton of benefits, although many people find that they are not as colorful as their plastic counterparts. This, however, depends on the manufacturer. Djeco wooden toys, for example, are very colorful and are in no way inferior to plastic ones. Moreover, they are healthier.

Safety is the first advantage of wooden toys for children. Wood is a durable and non-toxic material, so wooden toys can be bitten, tossed and played with for many years. What's more, wooden toys are so large and devoid of small elements that a baby or a toddler playing with them will not swallow them. Just like for children, wooden toys are environmentally friendly - they decompose and in the production process do not generate toxic waste and pollution.

It is worth mentioning that wooden toys for children, especially those intended for babies, should be regularly and properly cleaned. For this purpose, it is worth using a bath lotion intended for babies. A mild detergent will clean wooden toys, and at the same time will not harm your baby when he starts chewing on wooden blocks and figures again.



Sensory toys - Vilac wooden blocks

Sensory toys engage the child's various senses, thus leading to physical and mental development. A great example of a sensory toy will be Vilac wooden sensory blocks. The bricks come in various shapes, with gently rounded edges and beautiful paintings of farm animals. Some of the bricks have rattles inside. Playing with Vilac blocks is interesting and wonderfully develops imagination.

Sensory toys will work in every child's room. The choice of educational toys is huge, so you will easily find something that will appeal to your daughter or your son. It is worth remembering that the most important thing is for a child to play with a given toy. The educational value is of secondary importance because, as we have already mentioned, each game is education for the child.



Recommended wooden toys for girls and boys

Children like to play pretend adults. Lots of children declare that they want to sell in a store in the future, because they only associate this profession with a fascinating cash register where you can click and accumulate money. Others, in turn, want to be dentists or doctors, because these professions offer extremely interesting equipment. For children blissfully unaware of the true nature of work, each profession is only a bundle of benefits in the form of interesting accessories and activities. For this reason, toys that are mini sets for cleaning, cooking, operating or running a store are very popular. Nothing makes you feel better than having fun at the store, right?

Wooden toys for girls and boys also allow you to play competitions. They can also teach order, for example, a cleaning kit from Liewood will be a great tool to teach your child the first housework. Because, you know, it's easier to live in a house where every inhabitant cleans up after himself. There is nothing wrong with it for a young couple full of energy to help mum or dad mopping up the dust or sweeping the floor. It also develops!

Among the wooden toys for girls and boys, there are various types of puzzles that will charm even the most demanding children. The girls will also appreciate a set of wooden jewelry. Free from toxic plastics and paints. Such jewelry is almost like gold - timeless and will last for years. Musical instruments are also among the timeless wooden toys. Small, colorful guitars and charming Djeco drums will delight many little musicians, and at the same time they do not emit sounds that lead to hearing loss. A satisfied child can chuffle, and the parent does not have to invest in construction headphones.

A wooden toy is an interesting addition to the collection. Children like to have a choice and often combine different types of toys, following only a play scenario they know. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of childhood - an imagination that can turn a child's room into a fairy-tale kingdom.

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