The Italian designer Paola Mazzocchin launched Babe & Tess in 2008. Imagination and simplicity, fun and substance - all these are typical for Babe & Tess. Fabrics, colours, shades and shapes - all mixed together to create a unique and distinctive style. Each collection expressed the mother as a designer who always pays attention to her child.

Babe & Tess creates its designs with a uniquely Italian dedication, where craftsmanship and quality play the main roles. All fabrics and dyes are completely natural, so every piece of clothing is unique. The designer empahiseses a romantic and sophisticated sensitivity of her clothing and combines comfortable fabrics with charming cuts. Babe & Tess is a brand that truly understands the life children lead. Children laugh, cry, run, play, hug and dance all day and need clothes that will allow them to experience all of this without any restrictions and will make their unique personalities blossom.

Babe & Tess stands for upscale children's clothing that combines sophisticated fabrics and flawless cuts. High quality cotton and soft linen are the basic fabrics in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. For hot summer days, Babe & Tess offers airy dresses made of delicate linen. You can choose from strappy dresses in two shades of pink with a intricate lace finish and a romantic dress with sleeves and decorative stitching.

This season, Babe & Tess is all about stripes. Wide horizontal stripes add charm to short and long cotton dresses as well as a long-sleeved dress in muted red. On the other hand, narrow vertical stripes look great on sleeved dresses. The combination of ecru with pale blue or brown and the pompom trim give these dresses a unique character. Subtle pale blue stripes on the dress made of a romantic flower print recall sea waves while the swimsuits collection in fashionable stripes and bathing shorts in a cheerful dinosaur pattern are perfect for playing in the water and on the beach.

Babe & Tess means luxurious, comfortable to wear fabrics, original cuts and beautiful color combinations. Babe & Tess means modern and sophisticated chic, it simply means: Italian style.


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