Bensimon brand is the family history of Bensimon brothers. At the beginning of the 80s, Serge and Yves had an idea to create a unique concept: to unite under one name beautiful works of art, demanding fashion collections and iconic shoes - rediscovered sneakers.

Driven by the desire to create a dynamic, colorful and positive universe, they constantly propagate the concept of the art of life, where their motto is the phrase: our imagination is the only limit. Bensimon owns 40 stores in France with fashion, shoes, household accessories and an art gallery, where apart from the works of Bensimon brothers you can also admire the works of young talents and renowned artists.

Bensimon brothers' fascination with sneakers came from their wish to combine their usefulness with creating a beautiful, fashionable addition to an outfit. Originally, sneakers were used by the army and it was only in 1978 that the Bensimon brothers rediscovered them and introduced them to the French market. In time, Bensimon sneakers became an essential part of people's outfits not only in France, but all around the world. Everyone wear them - the small and the big ones; adults treat them as an essential part of a casual outfit, and children love them for the comfort. Thanks to their rich color palette and diversity of patterns and materials, Bensimon sneakers became iconic.

Bensimon offers sneakers for women - longer, velvet ones with ribbons, shorter with subtle stripes, and for men - short, in more vivid colors. And yet it's children's sneakers that deserve the biggest attention - they can amaze you with a wide selection of colors, from blue through grey and pink, to original floral patterns. Made from top quality cotton or velvet with a flexible rubber sole, with laces or sewn-in elastic band, they are perfect for children playing around. Bensimon sneakers are comfortable, beautiful and fashionable. Your child will definitely love them...


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