The W.I.M.A.M.P. 2018 collection will be divided into three different launchings scheduled for May, July and October. Each launching will correspond to a different challenge posed to the kids. The launchings will be accompanied by a communication campaign that will focus on the creative children who made the prints and the cities they live in. 

Motivation of the project

Bobo Choses we speaks the language of children. This is why we would like them to be an active part of our world and to feel a close relationship with the brand. W.I.M.A.M.P. is a Bobo Choses’ project in which children are not passive consumers but have the opportunity to participate with an active role in the design of the  nal product.

What is W.I.M.A.M.P. and what is it like?

W.I.M.A.M.P. is both products and experiences. At Bobo Choses we have designed a very special online platform (www.wimamp. com), where the children of different ages and countries register as W.I.M.A.M.P. members. On this platform, we pose questions and challenges related to a speci c environmental issue of global relevance. Kids answer their ideas in the form of drawings that are uploaded to the platform to share with the rest of the mem- bers. In this way, W.I.M.A.M.P. becomes a meeting point for chil- dren from around the world where they can share their creativity, experiences and interests, as well as being up to date with new challenges, contents and activities proposed by Bobo Choses. W.I.M.A.M.P. is also a product. The drawings that the members upload to the platform as answers to our challenges are turned into prints that, together with Bobo Choses’ exclusive garment designs, result in the annual W.I.M.A.M.P. kid’s clothing collection. Therefore, children’s creativity materializes into physical objects, marketable worldwide, that can be enjoyed. The W.I.M.A.M.P. member’s drawings and ideas are innocent, charming, honest and full of hope for a better and kinder world. It is a leading global project, fun and relevant at the same time, which all adults should pay attention to.

Animals cannot spell the alphabet but they can feel joy or sad- ness and everything between. We, the kids of the world, would like them to feel very good, for whatever happens to our fellow animals also happens to us. Our brother dog, our sister chimpan- zee, our cousin the giraffe. All connected and belonging to Earth. Awake to the animals. We are W.I.M.A.M.P., we are an elephant.


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