Collégien is a family business, founded in France in 1947. The company offers top-quality tights, socks, accessories and their famous rubber-soled slippers.

The factory located in Briatexte in southern France has been producing quality textiles for four generations. The production process uses mostly Egyptian cotton, renowned worldwide for its excellent quality. Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, which ensures long and straight fibres and allows for the manufacture of very soft and strong fabrics.

Collégien is particularly proud of its slippers, made in the form of socks with rubber soles. The top part is made from Egyptian cotton with an addition of Lycra, which makes it very soft and stretchy. The sole is very flexible and, for greater comfort, has small studs which prevent slipping. Small holes in the sole ensure good air circulation, so the foot doesn't sweat. The flexible sole is manufactured without using phthalate plasticisers, which are thought to cause allergies in children. The slippers are machine-washable. Collégien offers a huge range of colours and patterns: spots, stripes, stars, clouds and unicorns in beautiful, vivid colours in sizes ranging from children's to large. There is a perfect pair of Collégien slippers for everyone.

Collégien specialises in hosiery whose quality is recognised worldwide. Egyptian cotton children's tights with elasthane are very stretchy. The waistband is covered with microfibre for greater wearing comfort. The tights are ribbed, interwoven with shiny thread, and available in deep navy, dark pink, vivid green, crazy turquoise and smart white. Parents, and especially children, appreciate Collégien socks and knee-highs for the huge colour palette and seamless toes which provides maximum wearing comfort for children's feet. Cheerful colours: tangerine, turquoise or powder pink make Collégien socks a perfect addition to a unique springtime outfit.

Collégien makes hosiery for everyone who doesn't accept a compromise between beauty and comfort. For those who expect more...


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