Les Coyotes de Paris is a brand from Amsterdam. The founder and creative director is Marieke Meulendijks, whose passions to the photography, contemporary art and architecture are transformed into extremely interesting collections which every season delight with ingenuity, materials and production quality.

Les Coyotes de Paris creates collections for mature children and adults. Their clothes are very simple in shape but have elements that make these clothes stand out. This elements will also be visable in the latest collection. There will be lots of check and stripes liked by this brand. The clothes are maintained rather in dark colors, mainly black but there are also lighter accents. The products we recommend especially are:

  • Odina dress - a gorgeous black midi dress, with studs and frills at the front. It has expanded sleeves. Tied at the waist.
  • Vivienne dress - another black dress from the latest collection. This time with a long sleeve finished with buttons and a frill. The dress has a thick elastic waist. A simple collar around the neck is also sewn with lace. The combination of all these elements gives the effect of refinement and elegance.
  • Anique blouse - A wonderful blouse with subtitles with brand name. Shirring on the sleeves add a blouse additional charm. The blouse comes in two colors: black and white.
  • Esti skirt - Perfectly blends in with any blouse from Les Coyotes de Paris. Its black color makes it universal and can be combined practically with everything.
  • Charissa sweatshirt and Winona pants - a great proposition for girls who lead a sporty lifestyle. Comfortable sweatpants and sweatshirt with white and red stripes on the sleeves are ideal for children who like comfort.

Les Coyotes de Paris has set in its latest collection for dark colors, what does not mean that the brighter colors will be missing here. In lighter tones, we can find soft sweaters, like:

  • Julia sweater - a simple sweater in a light blue color with the brand logo on the left.
  • Laela sweater - a sweater in peach color with dark accents on the shoulders and by the sleeves.
  • Piper sweater - and finally a wonderful Piper sweater with pink and black stripes.

All sweaters have a similar cut and are incredibly comfortable. Additionaly, long, gray Clemence coat with black check, will add a bit of elegance to any creation. You can wear it in a classic way to elegant outfits, but it also fits perfectly with sports outfits.

The fall-winter collection from Les Coyotes de Paris is the perfect proposition for someone who likes to experiment with fashion and is not afraid of bold connections, as well as for those who simply look for clothes with a bit of elegance to everyday use.


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