Madam Stoltz appears again at Miss Lemonade with their latest autumn / winter 2018 collection. Once upon a time, more than 20 years ago, it was just one tiny shop in Copenhagen. Today, this brand creates many inspiring collections in unique styles and limited editions. There are many furniture manufacturers and Scandinavian accessories available on the market, but Madam Stoltz is distinguished by exceptional designs that give your home amazing character. It is worth adding that the products are often hand-made, so many of them are unique, one of a kind.

In the upcoming season, you can add to your interior:

Excellent, very on-trend LED lamps with prints to choose from - Love and Enjoy. They remind us of the values ​​that are important and add charm to any interior in which they are placed. The latest collection also features beautiful, very charming bamboo lamps.

Perfect mirrors with a bamboo border in two colours - natural and black, as well as in two sizes (diameter) - 60 and 80 cm. All you have to do is choose where to hang them. Hallway, or maybe bathroom? The choice is yours, it's your home after all.

Fabulous hanging cabinets. Crazily awesome! What shape do you prefer? Round or square? The round cabinet has three capacious shelves, while the square one has five. In addition, the square cabinet is equipped with five hooks. What would you like to use them for? Towels, cloths, aprons? Or maybe it will be a cabinet for your treasures, and you will use the hooks for your favourite necklaces? In the world of Madam Stoltz, there are no bad solutions - you always make good choices.

If you are not convinced about the cabinet, you can choose a first class etagere shelves with three practical baskets - from small to medium to large. It will allow you to quickly sort out small items while creating an extraordinary, stylish display.

Have you ever had so many unexpected guests that you didn't have enough seats for them? Madam Stoltz can help! A cotton mattress is perfect for such situations. Will you pick a nude-curry design, or maybe a plain brown style? In addition, the mattress is extremely stylish!

And what do you think about displaying your important moments in a very trendy way? Madam Stoltz has a solution for this. In the latest collection, they offer luxury wall-hanging photo frames. Will you choose the 10x15 cm one or the 13x18 cm? If you can't decide, buy both! :)

Don't wait until winter, transform your interior with Madam Stoltz now!


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