Creativity is a universal language

Behind the success of every brand are people. People who give their passion to others and in this way create beautiful things. Numero 74 raises the hearts of parents around the world. Natural simplicity and designs maintained in the style of boho are their hallmark.

We talk with Poupy, one of the founders of Numero 74, just about how significant in the whole process of creation is to share and follow your imagination.

" Creativity, Sharing, Love "

Where did the name of brand come from?

When creating the company, Nancy (my founding partner) and I just made the sum of our 2 ages at that moment and it was 74. But I’ve also finally found out that 1974 (when I was 4 years old) was the most important year of my childhood and life, so the number 74 is extremely meaningful to me.

Describe brand Numero74 in 3 words.

Creativity, Sharing, Love.

What is the source of inspirations to create?

Childhood is definitely the most inspiring thing, not only mine but also the kids around me from family or friends. Through it I connect to memory, to the unlimited feeling that when we are a kid we think everything is possible! I try to preserve and carry this notion everywhere. In addition, Nature is for me the best place to connect to my creative side.

Creativity is a universal language
Creativity is a universal language

Tell us more about your team.

You mean my tribe, my family, my friends! My team is all of this, a daily presence in my life. We are 12 working from Europe: Nadia, Monica, Kaliz, Stephanie, Clemence, Mari, Manu, Kathy, Lucille, Giovanna, Nadia K. And 80 in our Atelier in Chiang Mai managed by my partner Manop. And 400 women working from home in the villages around Chiang Mai.

The dream goal which you want to achieve as a team?

Empowerment, evolution, sharing… this is really one of the most important goals of Numero 74, it is all about being humans and express our real self. I wish to create a space where each of us can slowly connect to his real self, let go of masks and external influences to show who we really are!

Which stage of making a new collection is the most exciting and fascinating?

When we approach to the final prototype after a few trials, when slowly the vision I had in my head, in my heart comes into life. And after when I see women artisans coming in our Atelier to bring back this item, which they made at home with their precious hands and care.

Selection of Poupy

What is your favorite piece from the whole collection?

Definitely our Canopy, even if nowadays you can find it from many others brands. When we first create it 8 years ago it was such a beautiful thing to bring magic in a kid’s room. And I have to say that the process to create the Canopy at the very beginning has been a very special moment, we made only one prototype and it was prefect, nothing to change or to adjust… a kind of magic.

Which trend from kids fashion will be "live forever"?

The softness of the fabric, the very comfortable style of the clothing, the feeling of freedom of movement.

What was your biggest childhood dream?

I still believe in fairy tales! When you get around 7/8 yrs old usually you are told that real life is something different from what you’ve been living until that moment, that fairy tales are just fairy tales. But in the end, by getting older, I started to believe that fairy tales are the real life and that our mission is to keep our dreams alive. So let’s say that I didn’t have a very specific big dream when I was young, but what I know now is that I am living my dreams every day of my life and I do all that I can to I keep them alive!

Creativity is a universal language

Why do you think Polish customers have fallen in love with Numero74?

Honestly I don’t know, and I have never questioned myself on this I do think we are all citizens of the world, we can like the same things no matter where do we come from. Creativity is a universal language :-)

Creativity is a universal language

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    Uwielbiam zapach ubrań Numero74! Niesamowity!
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