Numero74 offers timeless pieces, hand-made by qualified craftsmen from exceptional materials, in 15 exclusive, uniform colors. Numero74's style is an opportunity to learn together a lifestyle which combines a freedom of expression with dreams. Both the little ones and the adults are invited to an elusive journey towards the future full of colors, joy and happiness.

Numero74's universe is delicate, simple and authentic. The children are the common factor. Designs avaiable for SS2018 are an evidence of Numero74's spirit, which constantly stimulates imagination, which opens to new opportunities, allowing new exposures, new discoveries, new relations and new directions.

All Numero74' designs are available in 15 uniform colors, which makes creating a piece of your dreams incredibly easy. Freedom in combining colors and styles gives you unlimited options for creating your own, unique compositions. 

Unique colors of Numero74, which you can use to create your own world full of magic include:

  • natural - authentic essence of cotton fabric, smoothed with a lightly golden shade,
  • white - simple and clean, always beaming with delicate light,
  • dusty pink - the secret of this delicate pink is in delicate shades of grey, gracefully mixing with primary pigments, adorning it with delicate, powdery look,
  • powder - a harmonious combination of vanilla and white, strengthened with subtle smudges of grey, beige and light pink,
  • silver grey - a perfect combination of silver and grey, with a secret shiny gloss, 
  • dark grey - intense and yet elegant, the grey is decorated with a subtle shadeof deep green,
  • teal blue - a vivid combination balancing between blue and green tones, depending on the light,
  • gold - golden ocher intertwined with shades of brown,
  • sunflower yellow - this vivid, warm yellow shade joyfully beams with light and vitality, always subtle and elegant,
  • ice blue - this unique shade of blue oscillates between a clear sky and a storm, silence and intensity,
  • dusty lilac - warm violet softened by a discrete presence of a light grey shadow,
  • rose baobab - a radiant, exotic pink, intensified with a light brown shade, full of grace and spirit of adventure,
  • stone grey - a medium grey shade, smooth and refined like a pebble that has been polished by the elements for thousands of years,
  • sweet blue - a subtle composition of light blue with discrete grey lines, this pastel shade is so delicate and dreamy that it will take you on a journey high above in the clouds,
  • pale peach - a light, pinkish-yellow shade with a subtle yet bold orange luster - NEW SHADE! 

The fashion spirit of Numero74 is to seek the freedom of movement. All the pieces are compliant with the easywear cocnept, they are made of soft cotton, exceptionally easy to use, quick drying and not requiring ironing.

Numero74 Baby line, for babies from 3 moths to 2 years old, features buttoned Leni bodysuits, organic cotton Lolita rompers for warmer days, wonderful Emi bloomers made of delicate, airy cotton with an elastic band at waist and legs. Long-sleeved Naia dresses for little fashionistas could not be missing. Joe loose shorts with elastic waist and comfortable Chloe strap-tops with a elastic band on the top and the bottom are our newest pieces. Adorable Lou bonnet or a soft hat will protect the baby on sunny days and cotton shoes, laced or studded, will complete each look. All the new pieces are made of 100% organic cotton. 

Numero74 Kids, for girls from 1 year to 10 years old features beautiful classic, such as those from the Naia line - a long-sleeved blouse with a string at the bottom, a comfortable long-sleeved dress with a string or a comfortable jumpsuit made of organic cotton, indispensable for spring fun activities. Another line is Mia, consisting of a loose flare strap top dress and airy top, perfect for summer. For cooler summer days, long-sleeved loose Nina dress will be a perfect choice. For all skirt  lovers - you can choose between cotton TuTu with an adjustable string or long Ava skirt, tied at waist and made of crushed cotton. Obviously, the new season sees new styles, all the new lines are made of 100% organic cotton. Clara line consists of a loose short-sleeved dress and a short-sleeved top with a button at the back, made of crushed cotton. Medium skirt Ava with string and mini skirt Julia with elastic waste, original Chloe string top with a elastic band on the top and the bottom and comfortable Joe pants are pieces that cannot be missing from the wardrobe of a little princess. 

Numero74 Mum was designed for busy mums. Crushed cotton of excellent quality, soft, airy and layering beautifully will let you create a unique collection for spring and summery days. Mum line includes adult versions of pieces from Kids and Baby lines. Mia line, perfect for summer, includes a flared mini dress and airy maxi dress cinched in the waist - both with straps, and a loose strap top. Naia line includes a long-sleeved button-down dress cinched in waist, a long-sleeved top with buttons and a very comfortable jumpsuit for cooler spring days. A comfortable long-sleeved dress with a string in the waist  in the maxi version and also in mini version both belong to Nina line. Charming Ava skirts tied at waist, in maxi and medium versions, will delight you with their naturalness. Demanding mums will welcome new pieces with childlike joy. A light top, comfortable short-sleeved Clara dress and beautifully layering Chloe strap top with elastic bands or Joe pants make wardrobe staples this season. Useful accessories will complete the look: a zipped bag with a coin purse, a canvas bag pack or a big, multi-functional weekender bag, and for cooler days - a long fringed scarf.   

Numero74 are hand-made pieces available for kids and adults, in a minimalist style and uniform colors. You can combine them freely to create your ideal composition for yourself and your loved ones. 


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