Spring is definitely here. Young leaves have appeared on the trees, the grass is lush and green and the first flowers delight with their multitude of colours. After all the winter weather, it's nice to just look at nature waking to life. Spring is a great time for the first picnic in the countryside. It would be ideal to find a quiet place in a woodland, near a babbling brook. Perhaps bring your whole family or a group of friends?

Take a break from the noise of the big city, give the kids a day full of nature-adventure. It would be good to come on such trip well prepared. Numero74 is at hand to help the organisers of family expeditions and offers everything that's needed to make your picnic a pleasant memory. Let's create a list of necessary accessories. First of all you need blankets and light mats for sitting on.

  • Numero 74 winter two-layer padded blanket will make a comfortable seat,
  • Numero74 summer cotton blanket in muted light blue,
  • Numero74 velvet futon mattress with a decorative tassel will be the best for children.

You can't have a picnic without delicious snacks, which can be packed in several ways, for example in:

  • the raspberry-coloured Numero74 Picnic & Lunch Bag, perfect for storing all the lovely things to eat, 
  • the roomy Numero 74 Tote Bag, 
  • the handy Numero74 canvas backpack with an outer pocket,
  • a universal Numero74 changing bag which will accommodate even all the sweets allowed on the picnic day. 

For adults to rest and for babies to sleep sweetly in the quiet of the glade, it is important to provide the youngest children with maximum comfort. The following list will certainly make it easier:

  • Numero74 Moses basket will work as a portable crib,
  • Numero74 Josephine baby swaddle wrap in floral print will securely hug your sleeping little one, 
  • Numero74 Nana Swaddle muslin cloth, in raspberry, without which it is difficult to drop off to sleep, 
  • the roomy Numero74  Multi Bag with pockets for bottles and a portable changing mat.

Preparing the picnic spot in a way that will inspire older children to have fun all day is quite a challenge. Fortunately, Numero74 understands the children's world perfectly and is able to awaken their imagination. Young adventurers will definitely find some use for:

  • the mustrad-coloured Numero74 Tipi tent, for a perfect hideout,
  • Numero74 light fairy winds or velvet butterfly wings for flying over the meadow,
  • Numero74 Super Hero costume, in case a lost fawn needs rescuing in the woods,  
  • Numero74 Pentagone ball for playing with friends,
  • Numero74 velvet bunting with little bells to summon the fairies, 
  • Numero74 rattan basket, to fit all the newly found treasures.

Now you have chosen the picnic spot and packed all the necessary things, it is time to open your wardrobe and choose beautiful and comfortable springtime clothes for this special trip:

  • Numero74 Mia dress for Mum, long and turquoise, 
  • Numero74 Nina dress for girls, in aubergine,
  • Numero74 Lolita baby romper in a charming powder hue, 
  • Unusual Numero74 Naia playsuit in muted light blue, 
  • Numero74 Dan top & trousers set in blue-grey, suitable for boys and girls. 

Take advantage of the spring weather, have fun in the natural environment, wake up your imagination and use the Numero74 recipe for a perfect picnic...


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