Numero74 is a brand which from 2009 is run by enthusiasts from all around the world: Spain, France, Italy and Thailand. Numero74 wishes to surround the world with a wave of softness, which is why it makes every effort to make sure the fabrics which touch the skin as subtly as mother touches her baby. The colors are unique, stylish and delicate. A rainbow of 15 colors, so that everyone can discover one he likes best. The uniqueness of Numer74 styl consists in its adaptability to desires. Numero74 is a timeless style which does not play the game of passing trends.

In Numero74's world there is no place for mediocrity. These are dreams that lead the designers through the world. As they say: "We dare to believe in our dreams strong enough to make them come true. We often have our heads in the clouds, but that doesn't keep us from staying on the ground".

Numero74 is a responsible brand, which cares about its customers, employees and the environment. Numero74's manifesto reflects the spirit of the brand:

1. We create timeless and unique pieces, hand made in Thailand by cooperative communities of women.

2. We take care of good working conditions of our manufacturers, their peace of mind and the family atmosphere.

3. We use natural, soft materials in subtle and unique shades.

4. We believe in freedom and authenticity, so our work and personal life spontaneously combine with each other.

5. We dream about a world in which everyone is happy doing what they love.

Together with first warm sun rays, Numero74 brings a breath of lightness and harmony. Fabrics and colors in SS 18 collection call spring and give a sense of blissful comfort in one's own four walls.

First of all, a new color will be introduced this season - pale peach. This light, pastel, pinkish-yellow shade will brighten your world with a subtle yet bold orange luster, reminiscent of a funny summer dream. Wide range of accessories and equipment in unique colors will let you create home of your dreams.

Unusually soft bed linen, bed sheet and thin summer or thick winter blanket will make your bed comfortable and cosy. Bed linen is available in various sizes and colors so that it suits each member of your family. Our best selling line, Gauze Waffle, is indispensable in a bathroom. Thanks to using organic cotton finished in an innovative way, a unique weave was obtained, reminding tasty square waffles. As a result, we obtained a very absorbent, two-sided and soft fabrics. We used it to make beautiful towels in various sizes, bathroom floor mats and soft washers. After bath we can wrap our kids in a soft hooded bathrobe; you can chose between a long sleeved version, or a sleeveless poncho. Our new product is a charming bathrobe from Mum line, long, cinched in waist and square hooded baby towel.

In kitchen, where magic happens, aprons for mums and little helpers will come useful. Made of organic cotton, with two front pockets, tied on neck and in waist, adjustable to cooks of all ages. Meals prepared with love will fit in a picnic bag, beautifully decorated with tassels.

Each mum knows what's best for her little baby, and each caring mum will surely appreciate accessories facilitating taking care of it. Numero74 created indispensable and beautiful set. Starting with cosy bed linen, monochrome or with a subtle print and a bed liner with strings for fixing the liner to the bed. A Moses basket, hand made from palm leaves, equipped with mattress, wrapped in soft cotton will let you carry your baby without waking it up. Sleeping bag with snap closures at shoulders and a side zipper will keep the babe warm even during a walk. Having fun on the floor will be easier with a cotton or velvet Fulton mattress, which gives protection against cold and makes lying on the tummy a pleasure.

New Gypsy Baby Nest baby wrap will be indispensable on a journey. It is made of soft organic cotton, closing with a zip and two snap closures; its openings can be adjusted to a car seat or safety belts so as not to disturb your child when it is already in the dreamland. And when it's time to change the diaper, a travel changing table will provide required comfort, while diapers and cream may be stored in a comfortable diaper bag made of cotton. Soft, cotton diaper with a tassel will also come useful; it may be used as light blanket or a cuddly toy for before bedtime. During the meal, a round or square tied bib will protect baby's clothes.

A child's room would be incomplete without pillows, that serve not only as a decoration, but also as an accessory for playing. Numero74 offers a wide range of pillows: made of cotton or velvet, with small and large stars, robots, zebras or elephants embroidered on a soft cotton. Our new product are big pillows made of organic cotton and shaped like animals: an octopus with hanging tentacles, a white swan with a long neck, a pink flamingo with funny legs, a turtle with a soft shell or a cure dolphin.

A unique atmosphere in the room may be created with the use of a canopy hanging above the bed. Soft layers of fabric create an intimate world, where you can relax in solitude or invite your friends and move into the world of imagination. Depending on the nature of the room, two types of canopies are available. Classic, rectangular construction of canopy perfectly suits single or double beds. Strings make it easy to fold the fabric in the desired shape. Canopy stretched on a metal hoop is smaller and perfectly suited for a baby cot or, hung in any part of the room will make a secret place for playing.

Numero74 knows, that these are the additions that make magic and thanks to them little explorers can move into the world of imagination. The garlands will beautifully highlight the character of a child's room or decorate it for a great celebration. Monochrome and colorful star garlands are available, as well as hanging triangles with bells, garlands in velvet, cotton or with a flower pattern. A costume will be indispensable for special occasions. Little princess may chose one of charming gowns and velvet cloakes, the outfit may be accessorized with a crown, wand with star, flowery hairband or butterfly wings. Boys will be delighted with a superhero costume, with cape and mask, or, if it is required to move in the old times, the costume of the Knight of the Round Table or a pirate will surely help to save the world. Cotton bowls, soft ball or a rattan doll basket will add more fun.

Invite some magic to your home, get inspired with Numero74 designs and dare to believe in your dreams strong enough to make them come true.


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