Sweatshirts and hats with animal ears and paws, crowns and beautiful shorts and vests are part of the latest collection of children's clothing from Oeuf brand. Your children will love it!

Oeuf is a family brand from New York, offering children's clothes, children's room furniture and various accessories for the youngest children. Michael Ryan and Sophie Demenge founded the Oeuf brand in 2002 after the birth of their first child. Oeuf is a combination of a minimalist engineer (Michael) and a fun and practical approach (Sophie). The Oeuf brand was created to provide modern parents with high-quality products for their children. Michael and Sophie's first joint product in Oeuf was one cot for the baby. The brand has developed rapidly and now produces several lines of stylish children's furniture, toys for children, elegant decorative items and high quality children's clothing, which is sold all over the world.  The main source of inspiration for the creation of new products are Michael and Sophie's two children. Being a parent means that they know what the child needs, what he or she wants and likes. Thanks to parenthood, they also know the perspective of all parents. This way they know what products children and their parents need. Oeuf's founders translate family relationships into business issues and their main motto is "Be good". Thanks to all this, the Oeuf brand is nowadays one of the most respected brands in the world of children's fashion.

The latest collection of clothing and accessories from Oeuf is made of 100% pima cotton which comes from Peru. It is cotton fully organic for the environment, coming from Peruvian plantations free of contamination. Many experts believe that pima cotton is the best in the world. It is very soft, so the clothing made of is light, breathable and nice to wear. Perfect for warm spring and summer days. Moreover, the clothing made of cotton from Peru is very durable, so it can last up to 50% longer than clothes made of other fabrics. It is worth remembering this when choosing Oeuf products. 

Funny hats and crowns from Oeuf....

Children love to wear crowns, especially girls who feel like small princesses. The Oeuf brand therefore meets the children needs and, in its latest collection, offers several crowns to choose from in two sizes: smaller - 0/3Y and larger - 3-6Y. Three models of the available crowns will be in strips - dark blue, honey and red. In Miss Lemonade there will also be a light pink crown with the inscription "Loved". In addition to the crowns, the Oeuf brand has been delighting the world of children's fashion for many seasons with its hats, having animal ears. These hats are available in two sizes: 12M and 2Y, so they are more suited for the youngest. Four models of "animal" hats will be available in our shop: shark (dark blue), rabbit (white and light grey) and koala (white and honey strips). If not a pet, maybe a fruit then? In the latest collection from Oeuf you will find "Peach hat", a peach-like hat (pink, in red dots).

Blouses with animal ears, tops and waistcoats from Oeuf.....

The Oeuf's latest collection of clothes would not be complete without funny hooded blouses with animal ears. In Miss Lemonade, we have chosen "koala hoodie" (a creamy blouse with honey strips with ears and pockets in the form of animal paws resembling a koala) and "bunny hoodie" (light grey blouse with creamy ears resembling a rabbit). Girls may also like "frou frou top", which will be available in two colours: creamy in honey strips and white in blue strips. Top with frills is perfect for both summer shorts and skirts. The "loved vest" vests in green or honey colour with the inscription "loved" look charming. The vest will be a great choice for both young and old girls (sizes 2Y 4Y, 6Y). It has frills on the sides, fastened with one button. Convenient and lightweight. Oeuf did not forget to prepare comfortable shorts which can be worn by a boy and a girl. They can be used in combination with a T-shirt, a vest or a blouse.


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