Sticky Lemon is a new Dutch brand for children. It was founded in 2016. by friends Simone, Lotte & Dorien. In its offer, the company initially had only backpacks for children. Sticky Lemon now also produces pencil cases and bags.

The latest collection from the Sticky Lemon brand attracts attention, not only children also adults. You can’t be indifferent to the products of this brand. The collection autumn / winter 2018 is fresh as well as exotic. Older and younger children will find something for themselves, in the end Sticky Lemon. Available models are in original color combinations - lemon, pastel, powder and flashy. These colors evoke summer and memories of recent holidays. Sticky Lemon has no place for boredom. Sticky Lemon backpacks refer to the retro style, making them unique and a perfect complement to many styles. You can choose between a pink-orange backpack, blue-green or yellow. Backpacks are suitable for both younger and older children, boys and girls. Miss Lemonade offers several unique models of

Sticky Lemon backpacks. Each of them has a handle, so the backpack can be easily held in your hand. Some models also have an original zipped pocket at the front. In such a backpack all the necessary items will be stored - textbooks, notebooks, stationery and a delicious sandwich.

In our store you can also buy your child Sticky Lemon pencil cases. They are brilliant! Each of them is shiny. You can choose pink, dark blue or gold. Each of them will accommodate the most necessary things - among others pens, pencils, crayons. Thanks to such a pencil case your child will shine.

Don’t wait until September - let your child discover the magical world now!


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