Imagine for a moment that you are moving to a world full of magic, mysteries, strange creatures. It is a world full of puzzles, that you imagined as a child and in which you experienced new adventures every day. The latest collection of Tocoto Vintage The Secret Garden takes you to such a world and what can you meet there?

Floral motifs

One of the main motifs of the latest collection are flowers. We will find them in the form of subtle small designs on white fabric and beautiful roses and tulips embroidered on black fabric. This motif is present on:

  • Flowers Blouses - three wonderful models that your children will love. Two of them have beautiful frills, the third one is fastened with buttons and has an elastic at the bottom.
  • Flowers Dresses - you can choose from a short dress with ruffles on the shoulders and with an elastic band on the sleeves or a long dress with a collar and buttons on the front.
  • Flowers Skirts - The first one is a classic midi skirt, the second is a short skirt with braces and two pockets.
  • Flowers Bloomers - two completely different bloomers to choose. The first is white in a delicate floral pattern and decorated with a frill. The second is a black bloomer with braces decorated with pink and purple flowers.
  • Flowers Body – Tocoto offers a body fastened at the bottom with buttons, narrowed at the waist and having a frills on the shoulders, characteristic of this collection.
  • Flowers hat - beautiful white flowered cap with a binding at the neck.

Animal accent

The Secret Garden collection from Tocoto Vintage also has wonderful clothes with the image of animals. There are mainly hats and hooded sweatshirts like:

  • Rabbit hats - wonderful hats with rabbit ears tied at the neck. They are available in three models. The first two are made of pink material, the last one is made of flowered material. All warm and nice to touch.
  • Bear sweater - knitted sweater in gray with a hood with animal ears. Fastened with buttons, it has two pockets on the front.
  • Ears Leather Coat - A thick gray coat ideally suited for colder days. The hood has sewn animal ears. The inner coat lining is made of white flowerd material.

Checks, stripes and maybe something els ...

AW18/19 collection from Tocoto Vintage impresses with patterns but also has clothes made of smooth fabrics. Besides floral patterns, in the latest collection, we can also find a lot of stripes and checks. What is visible in the latest collection is braces. Most of skirts, shorts and bloomers have them. Flounces are also a characteristic of the new collection. They are on the blouses and dresses from The Secret Garden collection. Colors of the clothes are varied but they focus on white, brown and grey. The materials of clothes are also varied. Most of the clothes are made of cotton, however, materials such as viscose or wool also occur. All clothes are soft and pleasant to touch, what will make your children feel comfortable. They are available for both infants and older children. 


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