Poudre Organic was founded by two mums: Silvana and Manon. The two French women decided to create their own collection when looking for perfect clothes for their kids. The unusual designs inspired by simplicity and vintage styling were the result of environmental sensitivity, caring for nature and the desire to understand the children's world.

The Poudre Organic range contains mostly clothes and accessories for babies, so 100% organic cotton is used in their manufacture. No harmful chemicals are used in the farming and processing of organic cotton. Dyeing is also carried out using natural methods. Such a choice of fabrics guarantees the safety of sensitive baby skin.

Poudre Organic sells clothes and accessories necessary from the very first moments of life of the little people. Bodysuits, sleepsuits and romper suits made from the softest muslin cotton are an absolute must-have for any layette. Very airy, soft dresses will please a little fashionable lady and while charming blouses with short or long sleeves are perfect for playtime. Subtle, natural colours, from powder pink and apricot to sea-green and mustard, combined with subtle patterns are responsible for the distinctive style of Poudre Organic clothing.

In addition to fabulous babywear, Poudre Organic also offers baby accessories: nappies, bibs, hats, baby bed linen and tiny toys. Everything is produced with utmost care in a French factory, using organic muslin cotton.

The Sprint/Summer 2018 Poudre Organic collection charms with light colours, such as pale amber, juicy green, off-white and grape, but also with an unusually bunny-rabbit pattern. The pattern turns up on bodysuits, pyjamas, shorts, bibs and nappies and makes already lovely clothes simply adorable.

Poudre Organic is charming designs for the youngest children, made with utmost attention to detail and a quality guarantee. Give your little one the very best...


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