Tocoto Vintage The Rainbow Symphony SS19

Waves with impetus hit the sandy shore of the sea. Bryza brushes his cheeks and freckles. The rays of the sun envelop unruly strands. Somewhere in the distance you can hear a gull rising up to fly against the blue sky. On the beach, he and she - absorbed in building a sand castle, concentrating and giving it new shapes and more turrets. Muslin dress gently flutters in the wind, and cotton shorts more and more sink in the golden sand. Here, children's carefree meets with sensitivity, gentleness and harmony. It is a symphony of feelings that inspires to create something unique, fleeting and ethereal. This is the latest collection of Tocoto Vintage - The Rainbow Symphony.

Tocoto Vintage

The new Tocoto Vintage collection for the spring-summer 2019 season is a tribute to family, friendship and love. It's entwined hands, fun together, happy laughter and picturesque landscapes. A symphony of good feelings close to the family home. A feast of colors, creating a fairy-tale sun shimmering in the sun. Tocoto Vintage takes us to a fairy-tale world full of friendship, goodness, trust and love, in which the innermost childhood dreams come true. The brand creates a fairytale, holiday rainbow of emerald greenery, sunny yellows, sea denim, light flax and vichy grille. Everything with toddlers in mind - their happiness and future.

The richness of colors delights and brings to mind the most beautiful memories of an idyllic holiday. A wooden swing hung on an apple tree, twinkling eyes and wind dancing with strands of hair. Barefoot walks to the river to watch the frogs resting in the grass. Hats with a large brim, leather sandals, short shorts and cotton T-shirts.

Tocoto Vintage rediscovers classic, timeless cuts. The vintage style reigns - the love of simplicity and harmony with nature. In each product you can see the passion of creation, attention to even the smallest detail and true love for a unique, childish world. The mission of Tocoto Vintage in the SS 2019 season is to teach children how to be grateful to nature and the endless sea. In the face of his freedom, refreshing breeze and sunsets. Light, airy knits, noble flax and breathable cotton will help in this.

Games, nature, sharing laughter and love are the guiding motifs of the collection. The real king of this holiday mosaic of clothes is floral print. Mature, ruby ​​roses met on a dark blue canvas with lush green leaves, field daisies and margaret fluttering in the wind. Tocoto Vintage recovers a forgotten, floral pattern that once appeared on the dresses of our elegant grandmothers. Painting roses remind us of childhood, fun, friendship and family warmth. You can find them on swimsuits created for the sea, boho blouses, spread skirts, romantic dresses and boys' shorts. Retro flowers were also adorned with charming accessories - cotton hats with a spectacular brim, hair kerchiefs and straw panama.

Tocoto Vintage
Tocoto Vintage

In the holiday edition of Tocoto Vintage clothes, you could not miss sailor belts associated with golden amber and hot sand. The brand takes us on a long voyage through the calm blue sea. Waves are reflected on the ship, and we look through binoculars in search of a deserted island and hidden treasures. The captain proudly stands at the helm, while a cheerful group of panties admires the shoals of colorful fish. We catch the wind in our sails and sail to the unknown.

The costumes of the entire crew are decorated with a sailing motif - delicate, small stripes and handsome, red stripes. A dancing princess sets in motion a sailor dress with a white frill and an a star embroidered on her chest. The little sea wolf carefully studies the map in comfortable cotton-made dungarees. Toddlers merrily crawl in a striped tutu - a breathable body with a frill and a handkerchief that protects from the warm sunrays.

In the coming season, Tocoto Vintage also invites us to travel to a British cottage. We admire steep, green cliffs, clear sky and silvery water. We climb the hills, observe the colorful wings of butterflies in the meadow and run as fast as we can in our legs. For canvas handbags and wicker bags, we pack the necessary utensils to go camping in the woods. Sitting around the campfire, we dream about distant lands that we will discover someday. We sing about the adventures we will experience.

On a trip, fashion gives way to comfort - we focus on clothes finished with vichy, which perfectly fits into English landscapes. We reach for wide midi skirts, which take care of comfort while climbing trees. The stylization is completed with a cotton lace blouse, leather clogs and checkered socks. For small explorers, Tocoto Vintage has prepared gingham pants with loose cut and tying on straps. The scout's costume will be complemented by kangaroo sweatshirt made of fleshy fabric. In the spacious pocket on the front you can hide all the treasures found on the camp. The youngest to taste will be made of breathable, light cotton checkered body vichy, in which you can discover the surrounding world.

Tocoto Vintage

Tocoto Vintage: The Rainbow Symphony

Tocoto Vintage's stylish ending is the ubiquitous denim. Navy blue and blue, with and without rubbing, light as a spiderweb or pleasantly thick. Refreshed stylistics of the 70s and 90s denim is associated with holiday festivals and sweet cotton candy. Jeans will work during long summer days in the city jungle. On beaters, playgrounds, parks and the zoo. Denim is the best choice for crossing the mysterious urban jungle. Skinny, boyfriend or bermuda? You choose! Babies will be presented beautifully in denim jumpsuit with buttons. Additional frills is an ingenious solution to hide a child's diaper. Urban fashionistas can put on a loose, denim blouse with a spectacular binding on the back. Fans boho style will appeal to a denim skirt with fashionable suspenders. For urban conquerors, we recommend jeans with a loose leg - perfect for adventures and playing games.

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