School time has ended and you can feel the holiday, but it is worth to buy backpacks in this time. They will be useful during holiday trips and other activities. A great solution for the youngest ones will be the backpacks offered by the Trixie brand, designed especially with the youngest in mind.

Lovely backpacks

Trixie backpacks are the perfect choice for the youngest children because of their appearance. Trixie backpacks are stylized for the image of animals. There will be new models in this season such as an elephant, polar bear, crocodile and badger. There will also be well know products such a fox backpack. Trixie backpacks have wonderful bright colors, thanks to they are even more child-friendly. Each backpack has two pockets. A big one to carry books, food or clothing and a smaller one at the front, to which your children can easily pack documents, a phone or keys. The backpacks also have handles which allow easily hang the backpack on the hanger or carry it in a hand. A very nice solution used in the Trixie backpacks is putting a place inside to sign an owner. Thanks to it, owner of backpack can be easily find in case of lost.


The holidays are in full swing, but soon your children will return to school. Prepare yourself for this moment with the Trixie. Their offer includes a wide selection of school satchels. We will find here all the models present in the collection of backpacks. Satchels are rectangular, and their flap is fastened with a magnet, so that your children will not have any problems to fasten it. Satchels, just like the backpacks, have two pockets. The larger one has a small compartment inside. Satchels are fastened with the strap at breast height, thanks to which they are better placed on the back of the child.


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