The Animals Observatory is the result of a love at first sight scenario between two people, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. Having been a long-time admirer of Laia Aguilar’s work during her time as creative director for Bobo Choses, Jan Andreu proposed they join forces to found a new fashion brand for children. Jan Andreu has proved his incredible talent for business time and time again over the course of his career but The Animals Observatory project represents the realization of one of his dreams as an entrepreneur, and particularly as a parent. Laia Aguilar was the perfect choice of partner to make that dream a reality. She sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool through which she can express her own extraordinary world.


With her inexhaustible curiosity, Laia Aguilar usually derives inspiration for her collections from a multitude of artistic references, seeing art as a form of attaining beauty in any discipline. In the case of the SS18 collection, her sources of inspiration were the paintings of British and American artists, such as David Hockney and Fairfield Porter, the posters of Polish graphic artist Jerzy Treutler, the amazing homemade designs worn by participants in the 1960s Democratic and Republican conventions in the USA, Halley's Comet, the street style of the 1970s – for which Laia has such a great fondness – university uniforms...and a long list of other references that harmoniously come together in this new collection.


In terms of the colour palette, Laia Aguilar wanted to go for a stronger, more luminous and striking project for SS18: emphasising the use of intense greens, pinks and blues and their radical coexistence in the same garment; without,however, losing sight of the combination of these colours alongside the softer palette of the Italian school, already a regular feature of the TAO collections.


The range of fabrics selected for this season seeks to harmoniously counterbalance the colours. For SS18, in addition to the habitual top quality cottons used by TAO, Laia also opts for lightweight linens, the most rustic vichys, diaphanous tulles and shiny, soft, stylish satins.


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