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Every parent is aware of the importance of comfort in an infant's outfit. After all, the little ones are moving all the time! That is why nothing should restrain them and deprive them of their freedom. Clothes designed for the youngest must be tailored to their unique needs. It is no different in the case of leggings and baby pants. They accompany the baby every day - at home and on walks. It is important that the materials from which they were created are soft and allow delicate children's skin to breathe. And the cuts didn't restrict any of their movements. These are the suggestions that you will find in our online store.

Quality is convenience!

At Miss Lemonade, we know how important it is for children's clothes to be of the highest quality. Only natural materials and careful workmanship ensure high comfort of use. Soft cotton pleasantly wraps baby skin and allows it to breathe. The wool blend in leggings makes them warm and ideal for the colder months. A small addition of elastane in some models ensures that they retain their shape. Simple but thoughtful designs - shorts on a wide elastic band that doesn't stick in the stomach, or with wooden buttons instead of a slider - provide your baby with comfort.

Practically and beautifully

High quality and style go hand in hand. Like you, we love good design and timeless designs that always please the eye. That is why in our assortment you will find only carefully selected products of children's niche brands. Baby leggings and pants from Quincy Mae, Konges Slojd, Louise Misha, Rylee and Cru, Emile et Ida, 1+ in the family Tocoto Vintage and many other brands are waiting for you. Among them you will find single-color models in pastel colors, pants with distinctive colorful prints or beautiful, flowery dungarees. However, these are just some of the suggestions. Check out the entire offer.

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