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  • 10 IS

    10 IS (pronounced Ten-is) is a contemporary and urban brand, where each piece, made from the finest materials, is designed to meet the needs of children.

    We offer you authentic and functional models. Our aim is to create sneakers which are both durable, comfortable, and attractive. Thus was born 10 IS.

  • Alma Llenas

    Since 2003, when Alma Llenas was born, until today, our only mission has been to preserve the essence of artisan baby clothes.  In-house design, 100% natural fibres, cotton and merino wool, beautiful delicate colour, a mix of tradition and modernity. Hand made.

  • Anais & I

    Simple clothes, designed, tested and approved by my children.

  • Angulus

    Angulus is handmade shoes with huge care of every elements. They ensure comfort for every child during everyday discovering the world. Untypical look is their distinctive feature.

  • April Showers

    The Parisian brand polder was created in 2000 by two sisters of Dutch origin, Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel. 

    In 2007, they presented their first kids collection for girls from 4 to 14, april showers by polder, at the playtime fair in Paris.

  • Atomic Soda

    This is Atomic Soda: a label of image wishing to preserve the part of childhood in each of us. Since 1996 Atomic Soda has been offering products for young and old alike: stationery, cards, fashion accessories, decorative items for the whole house, always with a touch of originality while being practical. 

  • Atsuyo Et Akiko

    ATSUYO ET AKiKO Based in Brooklyn, NY since 2007, the label ATSUYO ET AKiKO - by Atsuyo Yang & Akiko Mukae - offers a selection of children’s and women's clothing, home décor, bags, accessories and jewelry for everyday use.

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  • Beau LOves

    Beau LOves was founded in 2010 by Faye Wilde.

    Inspired by her fearless, fun-loving little boy, Beau, and the stuff he loves, his personality is stamped over every inch of each collection.  After studying Fashion at Central Saint Martin’s and hot-footing it between London and Paris, starting a children’s label was never the plan.

    But the old cliché is very real: your whole world changes once you have a baby, and now I wouldn’t want it any other way. The world of children’s fashion is as much fabulous as it is fun!

  • Belle and Boo

    Welcome to the world of a bob haired little girl called Belle and her adorable fluffy bunny friend Boo – a charming world of innocence, warmth and adventure.

  • Blabla Kids

    ​With a commitment to fair trade, and keeping environmental awareness in mind, ​blabla's mission is to continue to inspire joy and laughter.​ ​​
    We feel very lucky to be able to bring a little bit of tenderness to so many children every day.

  • Bloomingville

    Danish company Bloomigville started their own business in 2000. They stayed one of the most famous and popular brand which attends to creation and production high-qulited furnitures, home and garden decorations.

  • Bobo Choses


    Bobo Choses was created in 2008 by the catalan Art Directors Laia Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba. The idea behind it was to create a friendly clothing brand that could speak to children in their own language.

  • Bonheur du Jour Paris

    A french brand created by Catherine Dufossez-Devianne to wear every day of Happiness!

  • Boramiri

    Things are inspired by Parisian rambling and corean story from designer’s family roots. It helps to create world of funny cats and delicate dolls. 

  • Búho Barcelona

    BÚHO is a brand born in Barcelona, with a nonchalant and bohemian style, for children from 3 months to 12 years. BÚHO combines different fabrics and washing techniques which provide a very soft finish and vintage effect.

  • Caroline Bosmans

    Caroline Bosmans it's high-fashion world for children. The label focuses on parents who have taste for fashion and want to express the personality of their children.

  • Collégien

    As soft as a sock, as comfortable as a slipper, Collegien hugs the foot. Collegien's brand history goes back to a family attached to its region and its.

  • Cooee Design

    Cooee Design is an innovative design company based in the south of Sweden. They design both interior objects and jewelry. Products is sold through out the World.

  • Design Letters

    Design Letters makes a stylish and functional collections. Things with sipmly, but very graphical letters - it's very helpful for kids to learn alphabet!

  • Donna Wilson

    Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of art.

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  • Donsje

    Amsterdam-based Donsje (Dutch for "fluffy") offers a wide range of adorable booties and accessories for infants, toddlers and kids.
    Every Donsje product is handmade with an eye to detail.

  • Eef Lillemor

    Illustrated, funny animals on posters and postcards. They add humour and hint od creativity in rooms for children. 

  • Emile et Ida

    Emile et Ida have chosen to dress children for snacks, holidays, week-ends and happy moments. And the result is a creative, playful and charming collection, with soft clothes for going out or staying in. And because our top priorities are comfort and quality of materials, Emile et Ida can be also worn on the school playground with as much comfort. 

  • Fabelab

    Get ready for sleepover or cosy weekend trip: turn our soft duvent covers into a bag and bring them along with yout teddy, toothbrush and PJ's.