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For more than a decade, Danish company, Ferm LIVING, has been changing children's rooms in magic playgrounds. Scandinavian design refers to the 50s and 60s of the 20th century and the distinctive graphics and original shapes give each thing a contemporary character. Thanks to natural materials and attention to detail, the offered products are full of charm and perfectly match children's fantasy world.

In winter nights, children’s room becomes their kingdom. Mark Ferm LIVING addressed the expectations of our little ones and created a wide and unique range of accessories for everyday use dedicated the youngest. For example, you can change the room in the prairie where cowboys can play merrily. Simply spread the tent made of a wooden frame and trimmed with mustard-colored cotton linen and light a table lamp in the shape of a cactus which subtly spotlights children's play area. The carpet made of high-quality cotton and baskets with leather handles perfectly complement the whole and soft cushion with dots, whose look reminds of popcorn, made of 100% organic cotton filled with feather and fluff will allow a little cowboy to relax after a long fun.

Or maybe a picnic in a forest clearing? Simply spread a quilted blanket in black and white stripes with honey trimming and invite a teddy bear, cat and dog which can be found on soft, made of 100% organic cotton cushions with handmade inscription. You can collect berries to cotton basket in beautiful peach color with hand-printed pattern in bunnies. Pink cotton bean bag Tarrazzo may be a stone where the little nature lover can rest. Beautiful colors and colored specks that look like confetti make that everyone will find the perfect stone for themselves. And after a long fun, sweet dreams will be ensured by a soft, pink linen in white clouds made of organic cotton. The full-day experiences in the forest will be reminded by the adorable fawn-shaped light for delicate and subdued light.

The Ferm LIVING brands makes dreams come true not only for children. Thanks to simple forms and functionality, every thing can be used in many ways. The basket which was used to collect berries after playing can be used as a container for cosmetics and the carpet from the prairie will give a decorative touch to a living room. The charming handmade BRAIDED LAMPSHADE of organic wicker will warm every interior and capacious WIRE BASKET will definitely come handy for storing small items.

Each of the things designed by Ferm LIVING gives you the possibility to create a cosy and home decor. Simply allow your imagination to work and visit our shop.


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